How frustrating!

Stressed...about blogging! Eeek!What’s frustrating?

Scrambling around my brain and pawing through all that mass of brain jelly thinking up what to blog!

I try to blog as much as I can, but (as always) I wonder what the heck am i suppose to blog about that I just shut my computer and say “to heck with it, I’ll blog tomorrow…”

And tomorrow…and tomorrow…until I actually do get an idea.

I really admire those bloggers who can faithfully blog every single day, barring illness (even that won’t stop some from blogging!) and unavoidable commitments. Of course, some just dump a sentence or two and a picture or two, but they’re still updating anyways and getting bajillion hits!

The problem with me is, I juggle between four blogs. Reflections is my main blog, one that I will spend most of my time on. Another blog is of personal nature to me which I am not prepared to divulge yet but it’s listed under the “Bloggerholics” section – if you can put two and two together, you’ll know which one I’m talking about. My third blog is where I feature videos and podcasts as well as my attempt to make a buck with Google Adsense (which I am failing miserably, having only earned a mere $5.30…a long way away from the $100 mark). The fourth is now inactive simply because I lost the password and email for that particular blog of mine (how did that happen…well, when you have 7 different emails with different passwords, you’re bound to forget the one you use the least frequent).

So ya, what to blog? It’s dang frustrating when you don’t have anything of substance to talk about other than meaningless nonsense drawl like this post.

Posting a meaningless post on complaining about posting a meaningless post.

Damn, I really got to do something with my life… so many hopes and dreams and goals to achieve and what the heck am I doing…sitting in front of the computer posting a meaningless post on complaining about posting a meaningless post!

Well, do hope my creative juices kickstart as November comes… gonna need all that I could pump out! Does Brand’s Chicken Essence help though? Still got a couple more boxes left, better use it wisely anyways.

Right, I’m done for the night. Now I shall shut the computer down and cuddle up to a nice, warm… book on my oh-so-comfy bed (I know what the experts say about how bad it is to read lying down, but it’s so comfortable! It’s my favourite reading position ever!)


  1. Sora

    “It’s dang frustrating when you don’t have anything of substance to talk about…”

    Well, you seem to be doing fine so far; you’re certainly doing better than I with mine. My most recent entry was back in MARCH…and on the subject of apathy (Ironic?? Perhaps). So just keep plugging away as best you can.

    Hugz! Hope to be able to join you on the 22nd floor someday. 😉

  2. Ed

    Yo dude, try this out.

    I’m not sure if it’ll work for you but try something of what I like to call: spontaneous typing.

    That’s right. You just put your fingers on your keyboard and type away. Follow only your instincts. Even if you’re too dazed to think of any words, type them out too: “I’m just out of words” or anything else like that.

    This may sound like it’s all randomness and utter nonsensical chaos but, if you’re pouring what your head thinks and how your heart feels, it’ll come out right. If you want to be cautious about this, you can just pull it off on a Notepad first. You’ll never feel embarassed enough to talk to yourself. It’s like facing a mirror. You can’t lie. If you do it all right, the only thing left for your for editing will be only for the spelling and typo checks.

    Oh yeah btw, this is just an opinion. Not sure it’ll work. It’s like giving your heart a mouth. It talks back, in case your head can’t give you anything else.

  3. *LOL! The pic is just too cute!*

    Seriously, look around you. Anything can be interesting if you bother to put your mind to it.
    If not, like Ed said, try random typing.

    As for me, when I update my blog, you’ll see I have a LOT going on in my life. 😛

  4. About time, dreamer.

    There, there, kor kor. You can try to save your inspiration for Nano.

    Oh, and

    If you sign up, let me know. I’ll give you my gmail add as my referrer, you know which one, right? XD

  5. Dunno what to blog ya? You do now! You been tagged, yo.

  6. Sora: LOL! You and me both, Sora-kun!

    Ed: Free writing? Thanks for the tip, Ed, I’ve tried it before and yes, it does work but I always let the critic monster in me get the better of me. Occassionally I get red in the face reading the stuff that I put down seemingly at random…

    Dreamer: *Smacks Dreamer on the head* *I* an NOT cute…grr… Yeah, I know everything around me is interesting, just don’t couldn’t get it to make sense…

    Naoko: does sound interesting, but I don’t know if I can keep up…

    Ted: Cool! I’ve written it, but will actually post it when my 7 days are nearly up. Might want to tweak it a little bit more.

  7. Ed

    Lol oh well, spontaneous typing is about letting where your heart tells you to. You may need to allow yourself to be overwhelmed with pure passion and get all totally emotional to get the full outcome of this attempt.

    By the time you got it all typed out, what your mind does for the editing is how you allow your thoughts to “behave”.

    Like how some people are so superficial about freedom in their life and came out with fantasies to run around the streets naked but paused in their tracks, and think twice. Cheesy example, but you should get the idea.

  8. this was still a nice post. love the pic.

    i have too many topics to blog *sigh* – maybe that’s what happens when you blog about a specific subject

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