Stupid Klang councillors! Are they all corrupt??

I read with disbelief as yet another councillor from Klang owned up to building a multi-million dollar mansion without submitting his building plans first to the council for approval!

The latest culprit was revealed to be none other than Mazlynoor Abdul Latiff, who had the cheek to say:-

“So, you visited the area. You took a lot of photographs. No reason for you to highlight the matter. Everyone is doing it, but my house is small.”

Just because everybody is doing it doesn’t mean it’s right for you to do it to? As a councillor, he could’ve spoken up indignantly about this issue rather than adopting a “if you can’t beat them, join them!” mentality! 

But the part that got me most riled up was this – he went on to add that he had submitted the building plans LAST year but because it was returned to him without approval, he went ahead with the construction anyway…because of costs incurred!!

It was returned to me as it did not conform to the sewerage infrastructure. As it involved costs, I went ahead with the construction. I will submit the plans after Hari Raya.”

It’s a little bit too late for now, doesn’t it?

Oh my gawd, how corrupt can you get with that show of defiance? The cheek of Mr Mad-lynoor Ab-dick Looney-tif to go ahead with the construction! What arrogance! Is he above the law…or did he think that just because he is a councillor HE is the LAW??

Fuck, I just wish the government would just sack ALL the councillors, whether they’ve been good or bad, and let US the members of the public to DECIDE for ourselves who has the right to be appointed councillor! I would rather vote for a councillor who I know that I can trust rather than relying on political parties to decide!

Frankly, the public has had enough of malpractices and reports of corruption and sleazy dealings within the many local city  and town councils. First, it was raising the assessment rates, then the billboards saga, followed by the pest-control consortium hoo-ha and now we have mansion-building councillors!! Blergh! 


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