Hilarious! Check this OMG WTF Ad out!

Go over to my vlog and catch this video – BIG AD

It’s a freaking awesome and creative ad, though it is for a beer product but you gotta admire the creators of this ad for their creativity. With such a huge cast… gawd… it must’ve been a logistical nightmare to produce it. Geez, I wonder how much have gone down into making this really hilarious ad?

But you definitely can’t deny the creators got one BIG sense of humour. Just wish our own advertisers could come up with funny, memorable TV ads like these instead of unmentionable horrible ones… so unmentionable and horrible that I can’t remember any! And this ad is VERY refreshing in that it did not make use of sexy women to sell their beer like a lot of major beer companies do. Just what the heck does sexy women have to do with beer??? Ugh!


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