Things left to do before this year is over…

Here’s a quick check list of the things I have/want/might want to do before this much maligned (for me at least!) year draws to a close on December 31st 11:59p.m.

  1. NaNoWriMo is on next month. Participants are expected to write a 50,000 page word novel but knowing me, I might not be focusing much time on this considering I have other commitments as well so I’ll aim to beat last year’s 16,000 words but setting myself to write 25,000 words. Half is better than nothing, no?
  2. I might want to participate in an essay contest organised by Perdana Leadership Foundation but I wonder if I’m up to it? If I ever do participate in it, I had better get started around the same time as NaNoWriMo and that is November 1st or else there wouldn’t be enough time.
  3. Go on at least one more vacation with mom. Possible destinations include Singapore, Koh Samui and Taiwan. Most likely it’ll be Singapore as she has expressed a wish to visit Sentosa Island.
  4. Start planning my finances for next year if possible!! I’m not gonna be able to meet this year’s target of having RM10,000 in total in my three savings account so I had better do so by next year!
  5. Cut down my reading list to five books… I currently have 14 or so books in my “To read” box that is right next to me now…
  6. Plan for Christmas shopping now!!! Will need to get at least one item for EVERYONE that I am close with.
  7. Spring clean my room!!! It’s a mess and I think there are a couple of dust bunnies breeding somewhere some dark corner of my room!

Okay… that’s about it I think. Yeah, that should be it. Best of luck to me! (^^)


  1. you mean 50,000 words, don’t you? you must be one heck of a writer if it were pages… 😉

    bonne chance for the spring cleaning and xmas shopping, sounds like you need it!

  2. Naoko: Arigato!

    Sulz: Hahaha! Yes, 50,000 word was what I meant! I’d have set a new unbeatable record if I could write a 50,000 page novel!! Only problem would be it’ll be one hell of a thick book! 🙂

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