Only one day of respite

And that one day was more than enough for me to thank God for the bright sunny Sun, beautiful blue skies, cotton-white clouds and the fresh air yesterday. The rain in the wee hours of yesterday morning had cleared the dreadful haze that had plagued our country for so many years around this period. I had complained about it in the previous post, but it seemed to have pass under the radar. Oh well!

Crossing my finger and hoping and praying that the same beautiful, haze-free day continues to today, I woke up and withdrew my window curtains and voila! What did I see?

My question exactly…I saw nothing…nothing but more ash, smog and haze! Blergh! >_<

If it turns out that it was Malaysian private companies that was behind the forest fires…I wish them nothing but the WORST ever treatment and punishment by the Lord Almighty! All Malaysians would agree with me that this annual haze ‘fest’ has got to stop! We are not going to suffer in silent anymore! We want our fresh air back! We want our blue skies and bright sun back!

Enough talking, you government bureacractic machines lying dormant somewhere in your cozy air-conditioned bungalows and offices. Come out and do something to get rid of this freaking hazeilitis before we become haze mutates…becoming one with the haze is not something I’d cherish!

And I’m quite sure neither would you!


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