Animax on ASTRO 715 – God Sent!

I cannot seriously tell you how happy I am that Astro finally has a channel dedicated to Japanese animation 24 hours a day! To someone who is considerably an otaku, it’s a dream channel and I’m so delighted by the daily anime offerings now showing over the channel. So many selections yet so little time to watch it all!

Four men and a boy king - Gwendal, Wolfram, Conrad, Yuuri and Gunter

My current favourite one has to be Kyo Kara Maoh (God(?) Save Our King! in English), an epic fantasy full of sorcery, pretty boys and action. It’s a pretty recent anime according to – it was shown from 2004 to 2006. This anime is currently shown on Mondays 7.00pm to 8.00pm with repeats on Tuesdays 1.00pm to 2.00pm and weekends as well. Check your Astro guide for the scehdule!

Yuuri finds himself in the same bed with Wolfram, who is very fiercely protective of Yuuri.

The story is really quite comical at the beginning but as the story picks up, it actually becomes more action-packed and suspenseful. I just finished watching two episodes of it and I can’t wait for next week’s. But considering that I’ll be away to Japan next week, I think I might as well buy the whole DVD set and enjoy it home without having to fight with my mom over the control of the remote. Haha!

Kyo Kara Maoh begins with an average 15-year-old Japanese schoolboy Yuuri Shibuya who loves playing baseball and just basically trying to get on with life without causing too much trouble. But when trying to save a former classmate from bullies, he ended becoming the victim and got himself flushed, literally, down the toilet!

When Yuuri woke up, he discovered that he’s no longer in the Japan that he knew but in a fantastical medieval-age land of the Demon Kingdom, which is on the brink of a terrible war with the humans. He soon finds himself being hailed as the long awaited return of the Demon King and he must find it within himself to bring order back into the land and prevent the destruction of the world.

Aiding him and assigned to protect him are four typically bishonen (pretty boys in Japanese) warriors Gwendal, Conrad, Wolfram and Gunter. As the anime progresses, more and more is revealed about Yuuri’s true destiny in this strange world.

It’s a wickedly cool and funny anime with a storyline that is not too complex nor too kiddy like some other more popular Japanese animations currently shown on Animax. Not too sure how well the series is doing in Japan and other countries but it’s still going on according to the anime’s Wikipedia entry.

If you’re looking for a Japanese anime that’s comical yet filled with fantastical magic and action without getting too violent, be sure to tune in to Kyo Kara Maoh or God (?) Save Our King! on the Animax Channel on ASTRO channel 715!

Ed: Update – The Animax Channel on ASTRO has switched to Channel 71. Plus, I no longer follow it on TV. Want to know why?? ‘Cos I got the whole darn series on DVD box-set for RM79.90, that’s why!!! Kyo Kara Maoh marathon time!!! 😀


  1. How about that? Watching the channel myself after a bout of the flu has convinced me that THIS would be your fav immediately. 😛

    Anyway, this has also caused me to consider R.O.D. The TV, Law of Ueki and maybe even Gunslinger Girls and Samurai 7.

    However, here’s what ironic. R.O.D. sounds much better in English just like Cowboy Bebop. Maybe it’s the snazzy British accents that come with the characters and the way they seamlessly portray the characters with their own signature style and sophistication instead of copying the Japs like in Paradise Kiss (dubs are a pain to listen to, by the way).

  2. can’t agree more… animax is my saviour! love this particular anime too.. mostly conrad 😉

  3. BTW, Onii-chan, Animax has been switched to chan 25, you might want to update the post title. 😛

  4. meo

    i think we have the same interest… i really love japanese animation.. including God(?) Save Our King.. but im really sad right now because i cannot watch the anime (G?SOK) anymore..
    studying far away from my home unable myself to watch them… i really want to watch them again.. 😦

  5. phillippa

    Do you have any idea when animax originally showed KKM? I want to have a celebration on that day, but all i can remember is november something. Please help! and i like wolfram best.

    The Eternal Wanderer: Hmmm… I thought it was October 2006 really, I know Animax wa slaunched in September of last year but I think KKM only aired properly back in October. I may be wrong, can’t really remember that far back.

    My favourite is Murata Ken. Mysterious, intelligent and observant…not to mention he has got very cute looks too! But I absolutely adore Yuri!

  6. do you how to get animax online tv ,like in internet ??? please reply thank you

  7. annooo

    its really good anime

  8. aqsooooooooooo

    i am biggest fan of yuri shibuya

  9. caleihne

    i like them too one of the best i’ve ever wacthed like to repeat as long i dont have new anime

  10. lim

    the movie in animax is so nise

  11. hakal

    i wont animax play dragon ball z….

  12. sire

    relationship of the sire and his fiance
    seems instresting

  13. champ

    i wish there’ll be naruto too.


  15. Dalia

    hai there.. i’m a big fan of anime. and animax is my favourite channel. i watched this channel since i’m 15. at that time first anime that i watched was CURIOUS PLAY and i love it so much till i became nuts about it. i don’t mind if animax keep show CURIOUS PLAY. instead i feel so grateful if you do so. But i feel so frustrated when i animax no longer show that anime. I’ve been waiting since last year till now. I hope you animax can reply my comment and please grant my wish. TAMAHOME forever.

  16. Dalia

    i love everything about anime. My favourite anime is CURIOUS PLAY, god save our king, please teacher, golden boy, chronicles of the wings, cardcaptor sakura, slam dunk, dear boys, pitchi pitchi pitch, detective conan, hayate the combat butler and all anime that has a romance, sweet, loving, and funny scenes. Whatever it is I still love channel animax.

  17. dini

    how can they be love when u love someone then he/she don’t take that love . she prefers to with someone els. i can not understand anything about love. i think they are not sooooooo many love in this WORLD.

  18. kahoko hino

    wow!! i very like wolfram and yuri…!! they so cute and handsome boys… 🙂

  19. niaH

    huhu..i reaLy Love animax!!from da cartoon untiL da cospLay..i don’t care what peopLe say about me,but animax is my number one shows!!aLways Love animax!!!

  20. iRa

    yea!!i’m a big fan of animax!!i never missed any animax shows..i’m so greatfuL b’coz now,astro aLready have an animax chaneL..Love u aLways animax!!!

  21. Wow…I like animation…

  22. Qrast the dark lord

    i think animax have to change all the old anime to the new one although it’s still fun but considering the latest one i suggst the anime of this one

    1. code geass
    2. maburaho
    3. kureha zombie desuka
    4.the world god only know
    5.steins gate
    6. c: the soul of money and possibility of control

    i think this will be the most best salution to the one that been playing right now.

    plus don’t repeat it for the same episode for for the same day.

    it’s kinda sucks watching something all overagain.

    and i guarantee it will be awesome

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