9/11 – Five Years On…


Five years on to that horrifying day when Islamic terrorists from Al-Qaeda transformed planes into weapons of mass destruction, the wounds have yet to heal in most people. More than 3,000 people lost their lives that day, and though I did not lose anyone close to me in the attacks, the scale of the destruction and the impact resonated powerfully to me. I could not help but be stunned silent as I watched the repeated TV footages of the planes ramming into the towers over and over again. And then, later, the towers came crumbling down.

At that moment, only one thought ran through my mind – the lives of those people on the planes and in the tower. I already knew for a fact that this could not be an accident or a pilot error. What are the odds of two pilots crashing planes into the same target? No, I already knew that this was a brutal, merciless attack on civilians. I cannot imagine the terrror faced by everyone – on the streets, in the buildings and on the planes.

I remember that in the following weeks of the attack, as more information became available, I was angry and I was outraged. How could anyone possibly commit such a scale of an attack in the holy name of God and religion? And act in the name of a God to punish the US “infidels” of crimes against the religion? Someone has most certainly had their minds warped!

But as a result of 9/11, a Pandora’s Box of sorts was opened and unimaginable evil has been spewed forth onto this world. World peace is no longer a right but a luxury and for many people in many countries today, it’s a luxury they have never experienced nor known. It gave more reason for countries like the US, UK and Israel to wage war against countries in the Middle East purportedly supporting these terrorists. They do it in the name of liberating the communities but in actual reality, they too are commiting horrible acts of carnage and mayhem. These countries have played into the hands of the very same people they wanted to eradicate. These Western countries have everything to lose but the opposition has nothing to lose, willing to die for the cause. 

Because of the US’ reaction, wave after wave of bombings and attacks perpetrated by these so called “religious, holy warriors” are now an everyday occurence. Everywhere in the world, people are living in fear – Southern Thailand, Indonesia and India are some of the many countries that has since been bombed and attacked.

No solution is in sight. The only solution everyone knows is to fight fire with fire. And we all know that it’s only going to get worse.

Five years on, the situation in the world today has become even more and more tense. We living in Malaysia are fortunately still safe from the horrors happening around the world. It is so easy for each and everyone of us to turn a blind eye on these events say to ourselves “Malaysia is a safe country. These things will never happen here.” We are deluding ourselves if we continue to think in that way.

Who’s to say the same thing will not happen to us? No matter how safe and secure our country may be, it’s not going to prevent someone who seemingly looks normal but planning a dastardly attack on us. Someone below the radars of our intelligence services. It happened to the UK – seemingly normal British citizens happened to one day decide they’ll bomb the London Underground on July 7.

How can we stop this? How can we ensure that something like 9/11 will never happen ever again?

Start by promoting tolerance and mutual understanding among our children about the various cultures, religions and beliefs. We need to foster an environment of peace, love, tolerance and respect for one another for our children. We adults need to see beyond the colour of our skin and the differences of our beliefs so that our children too, will learn to understand and respect people of different colour and faith without any fear. We must do away with our prejudices, fear and bigotry.

How does hate come about? We hate what we fear. We fear what we don’t understand. It is our ignorance that is the root of our hate, of our prejudices. We must be willing to open our hearts to accept, learn and understand each other.

It sure sounds too idealistic doesn’t it? Sadly, it is. When people begin to use race and religion as a tool to cement their power, their status and their popularity, I don’t see how we in Malaysia can prevent a repeat of May 13, 1969 and for once, really live in peace and harmony.

Because there is absolutely no harmony and peace in Malaysia. Not when still practice communal politics that is only meant to serve the interests of one’s race. We tolerate each other in front of one another, but in actuality, deep down in our hearts, I am quite sure many are fearful of the future of their own race. Their own race…not the future of the country. Look at the Penang fiasco. That’s evident enough.

I long for the days we religion is no longer an issue of contention. I long for the days when we see beyond the colour of our skin and that all people in Malaysia are treated equally. We are not Malays. We are not Chinese. We are not Indians. We all who are born in this land are bumiputras! I will play my part in educating and teaching children this even if our leaders do not want to do such a thing.



Note: Please spare a minute’s silence as a mark of respect to the lives that were lost in the 9/11 attacks once you’ve finished reading this post. To borrow a quote from the World Trade Centre movie, the world saw evil that day. Let us do our part to eradicate that evil and ensure that our children will not have to live to see another horrifying day such as that ever again. Do not let our children grow up not knowing of the significance of 9/11. Remember, ignorance is the root of all hate and fear. We certainly do not want to repeat the same mistakes with our future generation again now do we?

Thank you for reading.


  1. Bryan


    Google Video Search Loose Change and Martial Law. Lots to be learned of the half-truths of 9/11.

  2. Of course we don’t. I totally agree that it is important for respect for life and culture to be fostered all round.

    Ironically, however, human nature is such that such a thing is unlikely because we still like to put people and groups into boxes. But still, there is hope.

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