OMG! Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter has been killed!

The Australian wildlife specialist and TV host was tragically, tragically killed in an underwater mishap while filming a TV documentary! This shocking, sad news just came in not long ago.

What a great loss to the conservation world and I feel so sorry for his wife Terri. What a shock it must be to her! Steve Irwin also leaves behind two young children, a daughter Bindi and a son, Bob, who is only 8 and 3 years old. What terrible loss these children have suffered at such a young age! My heart goes out to all of Irwin’s loved ones.

What I’ve always liked about the Crocodile Hunter shows was not only Irwin’s funny, manic style of delivery but his partnership with his most beloved wife. It is really a shock to all the fans of Irwin’s shows that he was killed in the line of duty – at the hands of a sting ray no less! I pray and hope for peace to be upon Irwin’s grieving family, the pain will be too much to bear, I’m sure, seeing that this occured suddenly and out of the blue. No one was prepared for this.

R.I.P, Crocodile Hunter! The world would never, ever be the same again without your delightful presence on our TVs as you share with us your experiences in wildlife conservation. Thank you for the joy and the wonderful memories!

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  1. What ever happened to Steve Martin? When I was growing up, he was one of my favorite actors. Now he seems to be churning out zillions of movie which don’t do him justice.

  2. Steve was kind of kooky but he did so much for the environment and animals. He poured all the millions he made into preserving the wildlife and the environment and I just think we should all pay our respects. He was not just a nationally recognised symbol but international. I just hope that his spirit lives on in many other Australians out there and we all chip in to save the environment form needless destruction.
    Peace out and long live the croc hunter.

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    […] The famous Australian Crocodile Hunter has passed away because a stingray had bit him. We won’t be able to hear his favourite phrase, “Crikey!” anymore. His 2 children are still young and I wonder how his daughter would cope with it. She was with her father when it happened. […]

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