Money Woes

Here’s a quick summary of the contents of my wallet as of today:

>>> Nine red colour notes.

>>> Twelve light blue colour notes.

>>> Five 50cents, seven 20cents, thirteen 10cents, seven 5cents and several 1cents.

You do the math.

I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I don’t stuff myself with all sorts of drugs and medication. The sin taxes doesn’t affect me at all.

So why am I still living like a pauper? Well, maybe not like a pauper considering that I live in a supposedly five-star condo…


I’ve been buying too many books and DVD movies over the past four months.

As such, I’m feeling the pinch, and oh what a painful pinch it is! In an effort to resist milking my poor bank accounts (I have three) dry, I have surrendered my ATM cards to my mother for “protection” so to speak.

*Sobs!* No book buying or any DVDs for the next one or two months! *Sobs!*

And to think I’m aiming for a five figure balance in total from all three bank accounts! And pay is not coming in any quicker, so, it’s time once more to tighten the belt! And I mean seriously tightening the belt!

No more lunches for me. I’ll just have brunch and dinner that’s all! Make do with all the snacks that I still have at home. No more going to bookshops and shopping complexex to perv on all those tempting, yummy books and DVDs!

Oh, I’m definitely going to live like a pauper for the next couple of months, starting from now. Except that I’m going to Tokyo, Japan in about a week and a half on the 17th to 22nd. Only going to take RM1,000 worth of Japanese Yen there. I know it’s not much, but it’s all I could afford. The rest of my spendings will have to rely on my boss.

Oh what an interesting life I lead! (not that I’m complaining! ^_^)


  1. Sob sob! I know the feeling!

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