Treasuring every moment spent with my mother

Whew… had to shrug off a bit of a migraine and lethargy in order to post this.

Since my last post on the Lina Joy case and the plight of Malays who left the Islamic faith (Malay Christians and other Malays who follow a different belief system – remember Ayah Pin anyone?), I’ve been busy preparing for a weekend trip to Kedah and Perlis and have only returned Sunday night. It was just a short trip which my mom and I went on with a group of middle aged people and senior citizens. When I got the time, I’ll explain and upload a few photos of the trip. It’s pretty tiring for me personally not just because I’m the only one under 25 in the group but also the fact that nearly 40% of the 48 hours was spent on a bus with Hokkien songs blaring from the speakers and odd-looking gray-haired men and women singing their hearts out to the songs even though they can’t carry a tune to save their lives! It’s mind-numbing torture, I tell you! If it weren’t for my MP3 phone, I’d bashed open the window of the tour bus and jump out for the sake of my sanity!

Well, as long as my mom is happy I’ll tolerate anything. She definitely needs to get out of the house more often and I’m glad she met a couple of friends she can relate and chat with during the tour. Hopefully, these friends will encourage her to go out more and ix around with other people and go on trips together. Of course, knowing how cautious and paranoid my mother can be – no thanks to the silly over-hyped Chinese newspaper she reads every morning – that’s probably not going to happen as often as I would’ve hoped. She’ll probably be too worried about being conned, being duped, being harassed and all that…and it’s all for good reason. Can’t blame her, she’s pretty much defenseless on her own and I really don’t like her going out and about for long periods on her own.

And so, it all boils down to me the son to accompany her on these little trips for as much as possible. My present work situation allows me this comfort to travel anywhere I want as long as I get all my assignments done and handed in before the deadline. However, now that my classes have restarted after the long break, these trips will be pretty much irregular. Still, my mom and I have planned trips to Singapore, Hatyai, Taiwan and Hong Kong – places which she’d always wanted to visit – and hopefully we do get to go to these places. I know that it’ll make my mom very, very happy and very contented. She deserves it. 

Like a friend once told me, “You’d never know how much time you’d get to spend with the people you love. Make the most of it while you still can and when their time comes, be comforted in knowing that you’ll have more happy memories to remember them by.”

I’ve never had the chance to do so with my dad, and I regret that I don’t have many happy memories to remember him by. I won’t repeat the same mistake again with my mom! Cherish you loved ones, friends, work and studies can wait but your parents, with your children and with your friends and family cannot wait forever because time will come when you’ll lose them in some way and by the time you realised it, it’ll be too late.


  1. What a filial son you are. Yeah, we should treasure our time with our older folks because time is not on their side.

  2. Thank you Lydia, coming from a traditional Chinese family, I’ve been taught and raised up to be filial. Otherwise, I would’ve suffer the consequences of disownment. >_

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