Work/Retreat – Will be off to Cameron Highlands from Aug 19 to 22

Cheerful Greetings everyone!!!

Just to let my faithful readers here that I’ll be away from tomorrow onwards for a work/retreat getaway. Work because my boss has assigned me to do a travel story on Cameron Highlands and retreat because it’s my church, Zoe Christian Fellowship’s annual family camp! And on this camp, I’ve been assigned by my church leaders as one of the camp photographers, so WOOT! I get to work AND play at the same time! I just love my job! 😀

I’ll only be back on Tuesday evening, so for please keep me in your prayers and thoughts because the road up to Cameron Highlands isn’t a piece of cake! Once on a school camp to Cameron Highlands, a mini-landslide of sorts occured inches away from our bus! If the bus had been a little faster by a few seconds or so, the landslide would’ve surely struck us! So do keep me in your prayers and thoughts ’cause we all do need it! 🙂

Until I return, if you need to know about Cameron Highlands (which is famous for its tea farms, strawberry farms and also all kinds of beautiful flowers!), go here and below are a couple of pictures of Cameron Highlands stolen from the Web, click on thumbnails to see images in bigger size!:


From left to right: One of the farms that grew beautiful flowers that dot the landscapes of Cameron Highlands; the famous and refreshing Robinson’s Waterfall; red, juicy strawberries are one of the few cold climate fruits that are grown in Cameron Highlands; a simple map of Cameron Highlands; and finally, a picturesque view of Cameron Highlands.


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