The Latest MPH Quill Magazine Issue is Out!

Just a notice for those of you who helped me out for my article on coffee table books, the article has been published in the latest Aug-Oct issue of MPH Quill Magazine. You can find the said article on coffee table books on pages 36 & 37.

This latest edition packs quite a lot of information on new books and great articles, among them from Bibliobibuli, especially the article on pages 30 & 32 in which she touched on why it is a must for writers to read, read and read in order to become good writers.

The cover story or main feature of the magazine is an eye-opening exclusive interview with the Minister of the Ministry Culture, Arts & HeritageDatuk Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim. Dr. Rais gave his thoughts on the condition of the book industry in Malaysia and the measures taken in order to get Malaysians to cultivate the reading habit. Find out more on pages 18 to 23.

Another article which would be a great help for would-be writers thinking of getting published in Malaysia is Eric C. Forbes‘s article on pages 38 & 40. The reverential Mr. Forbes touched upon some key points that every writer must take heed of if they want to become successful published authors in the dog-eat-dog world of the Malaysian literary industry.

So what are you waiting for? Make a beeline to your favourite friendly neighbourhood MPH store and get yourself a copy of MPH’s Quill Magazine today! If you’re a member of MPH’s Readers’ Circle, just buy something and show your card to the cashier to get a copy of Quill for free. If you’re a non-member (why on Earth aren’t you a member??), you’ll have to pay RM8.00 for a copy of Quill.


  1. Oh cool! …and not so cool. I don’t want to go to MPH again this month! I’ve already exhausted my book allocation this month… sob sob!

  2. No worries Ted! The mag is for Aug to Oct months…you can always go again next month to get the mag! 😀

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