MPH’s new project: A Collection of Malaysian Anecdotes

No prizes for guessing that I will be trying to come up with as many submissions as I can to this latest project from MPH.  


Now, my only problem is that I don’t exactly have a rib-tickling true story to tell…

Mostly its because my style of writing usually leans toward the not-so-bright-and-rosy-and-cheerful side of humanity and writing something that makes people laugh is quite hard for me. While my friends may think that I am funny and have a good sense of humour and clever at coming up with witty and humourous lines in our conversations, strangely, I can never seem to be able to do that in my writings. I’m always stumped whenever I do try to write something funny, but it just doesn’t seem to work as well as when I say it to my friends in our conversations.

Funny, isn’t it? Anyone among you writers out there have this kind of problem too? I think it’s just me…


  1. Philip, writing funny is serious work. Being witty in conversation is easier than writing witty. Sometimes its only during the second, third or fourth rewriting that a funny light bulb goes off. Yes, go for it and all the best. I may put in an entry too, hehe.

    Re your question on white space, this is what I do. Click on the edit/insert image icon (tree) and set alignment to left or right or whatever. My prob is that my image is always very small. If I blow it up, the resolution becomes wonky.

  2. Philip, we are of the same genes.

  3. Me… I think I’ll write my thesis on…

    Taking over the world. 🙂

  4. Lydia – Ya, I know it’s definitely serious work, but still you certainly had it in you to write funnies! Your EPN articles certainly testifies to that fact. I’ll give the photo thing a try the next time round. I’ve been inserting my pics using HTML.

    Yvonne – 😀

    Naoko – I’d love to see you try writing something like that! It’ll be a riot, I’m quite sure! 🙂

  5. Hi there Eternal Wanderer!

    Actually all of us have a funny story inside of us. It’s just that we’ve never tried telling it on a piece of paper…hence why it’s being told in mamak stalls.

  6. Hi there, Bibi! Thanks for stopping by!
    Yes, I remember someone I’ve interviewed telling me the same thing, that inside all of us, there’s that little joker struggling to burst out of us!

    Hopefully, mine will burst out soon before the October deadline! 😀

  7. i want to try la.. writing some funny things.. back to my old school times in taiping…
    lots of story to write la…

  8. good la to have such a contest like this…

  9. Yep, you Tigers. There should be more efforts like this to promote reading and writing.

    It’s not a contest though. It just defeats the purpose. We should read and write all the time regardless of the motivations. Not for glamour or for recognition but simply because we love doing it!

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