Terror Plot Foiled, but Terrorists Still Wins

This morning, splashed across the frontpage of many newspapers throughout Malaysia (and many other countries, I’m quite sure), were the various headlines blaring about a foiled terror plot to attack and bomb planes flying to and fro from Britain and the USA.

The Star said that “Terror Plot Foiled“, while The NST claimed that “Britain Foiled ‘Mass Murder’ Plot to Blow Up Planes” and Singapore’s Straits Times asserted that “Airliner Bombings were days away, ringleader still missing“. Of course, in Britain, the headlines pretty much carried the same pictures and the same stories – with The Daily Mirror dramaticially saying that the “Liquid Bombs Plot Could be Worse than 9/11” and The Independent rued that it was a “day of chaos, with 24 arrests“.

Say what you want about it but all all this panic, hysteria, anxiety and chaos has given these terorrists the few things they wanted most of all – 1) PUBLICITY 2) WORLDWIDE CONFUSION 3) WORLDWIDE FEAR 4) DISRUPTION TO NORMAL LIFE. The most critical aspect of these barbarians’ intentions is none other than to prove that they have the means and capabilities to do what they had set out to do but also that they are able to provoke great fear in us all.

Reading these stories made me pause and ponder about the events that lead to these modern-day warfare between the Western World and the so-called “Islamists”…most likely sparked by the atrocious attack on the World Trade Centre in 2001, the proclamation of war on the Taliban of Afghanistan and the overthrow of the brutal dictatorship of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and the London bombings in July 2005. The oft-spoken saying that “you can’t fight fire with fire” comes to mind.

True, the “Islamist” terrorist front headed by Osama bin Laden can be considered the one who masterminded the events that brought about the wars and fears raging throughout the world today but we must not and cannot deny that it was the callous, overzealous and idiotic actions of one man in charge of the world’s only “superpower” and his incessant fervent support for the arrogant nation that declared they are untouchable because they are “God’s Chosen People” that eventually led to what’s happening in the world today.

Rueing the fact that peace is no longer apparent in the world today? You’ve only got three parties to blame – President George “Wacko” Bush, the We-are-God’s-People-so-we-are-invincible-and-answerable-to-no-one nation of Israel and of course, the insanical, brainwashed Muslim terrorists from organisations with equally dumb names like Hamas, Hizbollah, al-Qaeda and whatnots.

Let’s be honest everyone – if you think that the “Great America” of today is doing a swell job in policing the world now, raise your hands up high. If you raised your hand, prepare to get swamped and trampled upon…cause I can guarantee you 3/4 of the world disagree with you.

Bush is becoming a dictator in his own right…a global dictator that is…one with war, bloodshed and revenge constantly raging in his mind every waking and sleeping moments. He’s a bloodthirsty vagrant who does not deserve the seat of authority in the most powerful country in the world. Can’t understand why the world hates America so much? Bush is the one you should blame. I like nothing better than to see filth like him humiliated to the point of him wishing he was never born. I like to see the United Nations having more power over the Americans and reject whatever stupid UN resolutions they try to push through that only benefits them and protect them.

Nothing is wrong with America…what’s wrong is the man leading the country and everyone who works for him. The Jews also have no one else but themselves to blame for their blood-soaked history. The arrogance and stubborness of Israel have always been the cause of their downfall, always thinking that they are far better than others. Is it any surprise that none of us like them?

The way I see it…this latest “foiled” plot is not a defeat for the terrorists, it’s a victory. Why? Because of the result that they’ve caused – people panicking, confusion reigns, hundreds of thousands of flights passengers stranded in airports all over the world, millions more passengers are stuck in limbo. These terrorists revel in fear and the world has reacted in just the way they wanted it to react – with fear. Paranoia and confusion now reigns. More innocent people will be hurt by this latest turn of events…mark my words! After the British mistakenly shot to death a Brazilian, who’s to say they would not mistakenly shoot on sight again?

Yes, my friends…terror plot to cause more death and destruction may have been foiled, but the terrorists have notched up a most important victory – a victorious psychological war for them. And they will continue to win this psychological war as long as we remain suspicious of each other, fearful of bombs going off everywhere and afraid of travelling in trains, planes, buses and ships.


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