My heartfelt condolences to Tan Sri Francis Yeoh and family…

on the passing of his beloved wife and mother of his five children, Puan Sri Rosaline Yeoh because of cancer. She was 54.

May the Lord’s comfort and peace be upon your family in this time of grief and mourning.

Puan Sri Rosaline Yeoh has passed away from cancer

Puan Sri Rosaline was very good friends with the Prime Minister’s wife, Datin Seri Endon Mahmood, who also died from cancer. My heart goes out to Tan Sri Francis, for he is one of a few Malaysian businessmen that I highly respect and wish I had an opportunity to work for. His wife has been a tremendous pillar of strength and support throughout Tan Sri Francis’ career, much like how Datin Seri Endon had stood by her husband through thick and thin.

Malaysia has lost yet another influential and generous lady with Puan Sri Rosaline’s passing. All Malaysians will truly miss her!


  1. lonesoul

    Juz a matter of 3 weeks or so ago, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh was interviewed by Msian TV3.
    From his look, he looked very at ease.. but in fact things were happening in his home already…

  2. Yes, I saw the interview too, it was very sad indeed. I certainly admire his strength and character throughout this tragedy, how he is still able to compose himself despite everything that he has gone through with his family.

    I’m going to continue to pray for this man who has given so much to this country and to his family.

  3. Gemini

    Tan Sri is a man worthy of respect for his great love n devotion for his life partner Puan Sri Rosaline.May her soul find eternal rest n peace with the Lord.

  4. Kah Lai Leong Papadopoulos

    My sincere condolences to Tan Sri Francis Yeoh and his family. May Rosaline’s soul rest in peace.

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