I Got a WebCam!


Yesterday, my boss got me a LogiTech Quickcam Communicate STX worth RM298.00! I was quite surprised too as it was an unexpected gesture from my boss. A webcam is what I’ve always wanted to have but I usually don’t know which model and which type of webcam to get. My boss, having a webcam of his own and is quite savvy when it comes to gadgets, knew that I wanted to get a webcam so he went to get me one as he knew which one to get.

And so, I now have a webcam to use for fun, play and work!! Yes, work as my boss told me that I can now use this webcam for video conferencing and doing web interviews via Skype or MSN Messenger. I ca now also communicate with relatives and friends with my webcam too! I’m gonna have so much FUN with this!

So, those of you with webcams and with Skype, drop me a line and may be we could have a video conversation next time! 😀


  1. Sora

    I’d love to be able to converse with you. I don’t have a webcam yet, but I do have a Skype account set up. Watch your email for the contact info.

  2. Thanks Sora, John!
    Sora, will be watching out for your email!

  3. WOOT!!

    And I am back from my holiday!

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