Swimming Fun, sorta + Dinner at Zuups

Today, the management, security and residents’ association of my condominium almost ruined the group swimming fun that my pet sister had organised over at my Kelana Mahkota condominium. I was so infuriated by the stupid, unfair rules that these idiotic personnel had made up. I’ve been staying here for over a year now and I’ve never heard of this one rule and have never had any problems before…until today.

Here’s what happened – after visiting their friend at a hospital, my pet sister and her lively bunch of great friends from the ComicFiesta forum, all of them very much otakus (anime lovers) and I doubt they would ever hurt a fly, came over to my place to chill out in the pool. The large crowd (about 10) had obviously taken the guards at the main entrance by surprise but they didn’t give us any grief. I went down and they were all let in just fine. Okay, no problems there. I never expected anything but fun for my guests.

Into the pool everyone went after they had changed into their swim wear and after a couple of minutes of swimming, a guard already came and hassled me over the large crowd, asking who are they and what’s their business here and blah, blah, blah. I answered him nice enough, he didn’t seem too happy about something but I shrugged that off as security concerns and I’ve already assured him that everything is fine.

Then, after about 20 minutes of swimming, this other guard came and he brought along this dolt who claims himself as one of the management officers for the condominium and proceeded to berate me and harass me about this group of friends that I had brought into the pool. He claimed that in the condominum’s rule books (WTF? I’ve been living here for over a year and I’ve never heard of a god damn rule book!?) each unit owner is allowed only two guests into the pool at one time! Can you believe how absurd I thought this stupid rule is? Only TWO guests!! It’s simply incomprehensible!!

This stupid rule was not stated anywhere around the pool, so how would I know of this stupid rule. I argued that I never heard of this rule and protested vehemently against such stupid laws. The management official refused to comply and had wanted us to get out of the pool in 15 minutes, which I argued against and they pushed it up to 30minutes. Even so, my friends and I refused to comply because it is my right as an owner of the condominium to bring my guests in and enetertain them however I want to be. We didn’t even make a ruckus or a loud commotion that disturbed the peace of the condominum, it was a weekend and there’s already quite a number of people swimming already besides us. There shouldn’t be a damn law forbiding an owner from bringing in more than two guests for a swim! What if I had a party and had booked in advance? Are they going to forbid me from allowing my guests to dip into the pool?

I always pay the darn maintenance fees on time and this is how they treat owners? It seems that a resident association member was not happy about the big crowd and had thus reported to the management office. If I know who that busybody fool is, I’m gonna ram my knuckles onto his jaw…in my dreams and figuratively speaking, of course! The 30 minutes deadline they gave us ran out but I pleaded and protested against the same dumb security guard and I told him “Show me the damn rule book where it is stated that an owner or a resident may only bring in two guests at a time to swim in the pool and then my friends and I will comply. If you don’t show me, my friends and I aren’t leaving the pool and I as an owner has every right to be here and bring my friends here and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

Seriously man, what the fuck is wrong with them? A bunch of youths just trying to enjoy a late afternoon swim, relax and have fun! I was so angry that these guards watched us like a pack of vultures like we’re their prey. We were just not let to have fun in peace! Even now, at the end of the day, I’m still angry, furious and annoyed about it all.

Luckily my friends were all quite cool about it. Thankfully, they had fun and they didn’t let this little fiasco put a damper on their fun.

So, after the swim, some had to leave early for work and for evening mass while others went up one by one to my house to have a hot shower and watch TV before heading to 1 Utama for dinner. We went to Zuups, this nifty little cafe situated at the lower ground floor of the New Wing and I met more new friends there. We took a while to order our food and the sheer number of people in the cafe meant that service was a little slow but we didn’t mind because some of us took samples of food from our other friends’ whose meal had arrived first.

I had this interesting soup dish called Wild Mushroom Cappucino Broth served in a crunchy Bread Bowl and Seafood Olio, which didn’t taste any different from the Spicy Seafood Spaghetti served at Delicious Cafe. What I loved was the beverage I had, Mango Vanilla Shake, which was very delightful. I also fancied the Dory Fish that two friends had – the cream was just amazingly yummy! Besides a mixture of cheese and some herbs, there’s also an added tanginess when a bit of lemon juice is squeezed, giving the sauce more zing!

Overall, it had been a wonderful day and it would’ve been a really fun and fantastic day had it not been the stupid fracas started by the resisdent association member, the security guards and the management official. Boo to them in my opinion, I’m still going to bring my friends over for a swim and they’re not going to stop me!  


  1. WHEE!!!

    Glad you had fun too.

    And some of them would have fought if they had too. Just that they rarely do it without provocation. 🙂

  2. “condominum’s rule books (WTF? I’ve been living here for over a year and I’ve never heard of a god damn rule book!?)”

    Hehe, all condos have a rulebook. It’s called “house rules”, but a lot of time give & take (as long as no one gets pushy/into trouble). You can request a copy from the m/ment. Normally common facilities, guests are not allowed to use the pool during peak hours. Like I said, give & take. But of late, there has been some unwelcome walk-in guests coming in to use the KMC pool, then walking out. Macam ours is public pool. Tsk! Guards better be more strict.

  3. You mentioned “It seems that a resident association member was not happy about the big crowd and had thus reported to the management office”…

    Do you know how dat person is? Bcos the RA has just been registered wif ROS, and membership drive is on it’s way. Prior to RA, there is no resident association member, only the PMC…

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