Bloggers Beware? Pfftt!!

Scare us into shutting us up now, is the government? Bah and bleh to them, I’d say! What snotty right have they got to tell us blogging chums to pack our blogger packs for good? No right, I tell you!

So, this what I’d say to those self-righteous chums in the government and everywhere else (you know who you are!) – Blogs are our personal space!! What part of that fact did you not get into your thick skulls?? You’ve got no right clamping down on this free space on the Internet which we claimed as ours!

We understand that we are responsible for what we post on the Internet, but we are not responsible for what people choose to read. If you don’t like our stuff, then stuff it and go elsewhere that suits your needs! We have every right to make our opinions heard! No one is compelling you to read and believe everything we say! You’ve got brains of your own…USE IT, DAMN IT!

And don’t tell me that after years and years of schooling, you still don’t have the intelligent sense to THINK!!!…. OH wait, my bad… it’s really not your fault if you can’t think…and THAT’S BECAUSE EDUCATION IN MALAYSIA DOES NOT ENCOURAGE STUDENTS TO DO MORE THINKING EXCEPT MEMORISING FACTS AND REGURGITATING THEM WITH SKILL!!!

If you’ve got a problem with the blogging community, I’d say that it’s the least of your worries! There are so many others pressing matters that you people in the government should concentrate on and that includes –

  • Doing something pro-active about the rise in crime all over the country, specifically in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru! We’re sick of being fearful! We’re sick of staying indoors in our own country! Enough innocent blood has been spilled! You police had better stop resting on your damn laurels and get to work patrolling the streets!

  • Improving public infrastructure is another top priority. If you want our lives to go on smoothly, we certainly want our government to ensure that public facilities and infrastructure in this country are running smoothly and providing top quality service! No more late buses and trains! No more taxis running without meters! No more taxis holding us hostage with their ridiculous fares! No more tariffs – water or electricity! No more fuel surcharge!! No more meteor-size pot-holes on the roads!! Better waste management!! We demand efficiency and top quality service if we want to realise our VISION 2020!

  •  Our Education policy needs a complete revamp and overhaul. We are not teaching our children the right stuff that they really needed to know. We are also being too strict and exam oriented ,as well as being too science and mathematically-driven, thus, neglecting other children with artistic qualities in various fields such as the arts and humanities. We need a new curriculum that is flexible and balanced – serving each and every student equally, be they scientifically-minded or artistically-inclined. We definitely need a curriculum that teaches them how to think and how to tap into their creative well of potential. Enough spoon-feeding! Enough mind-numbing memorisations and regurgitation of facts!! Get rid of passionless teachers!! Open up hiring of teachers to local expats with the necessary teaching qualifications!!

Don’t all these deserve more attention than all the stupid debates on clamping down bloggers??

Frankly, I’m tired with our goverment harping on dead boring and insignificant issues that seems to show their ineptness at making a logical argument and gaining them star attraction from the media.

Oooohhh, I just can’t wait for the next general election to have he chance to see some of these idotic MPs get booted out of the Parliament! Hopefully our dear PM has been keeping tracks of these MPs and drop them in the general election!

I want to see more issues pertaining to the public and the people being discussed. I want to know what our taxes which we paid are being used for. I want to see more transparency in the Parliament and in our local councils. The public deserves to know everything and the government ought to know better than to use the “on a need to know basis only” argument!


  1. Wow. I gotta agree with you there Phillip.

    I have a 😀 😀

  2. Unfortunately, it appears that we Malaysians are to be blamed. We elected this government, remember? And unlike many countries abroad, we don’t organize ourselves and make our displeasures known. As a result, bit by bit, all our civil liberties get taken away from us.

    We are either too afraid or too indifferent.

    I do not see a promising future for Malaysia, unless citizens rise up soon (and rise up quickly) to overhaul the system.

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