A List of criminal incidents perpetrated against me and my family…

I will begin from a very, very long time ago…from the time before I was even born…

1. My second sister, when she was around five years or six years old, was nearly kidnapped in broad daylight in a supermarket in Penang. This happened in the late 70s. My mom and my aunt were shopping together with my sisters. They were bargaining with the seller about something and were not paying attention for a few secs but in that time, my sister disappeared. After quite a frantic one hour search, she was discovered outside the supermarket, bawling her eyes out. She said someone took her by the hand to go somewhere fun and interesting but she got scared after a while and made a ruckus, which saved her as the perps obviously got scared of the attention.

2. In the early 1990s, our second home, an apartment in Subang Jaya, was broken into while my parents were away shopping and while I was in primary school. If I remember correctly, nothing of importance were stolen except for a total of RM2,000 from my piggy bank & mom’s 2nd purse, my dad’s film camera, his business suits and a VCR. They really made a shambles of the place. None of these things were ever recovered.

3. My dad was pickpocketed not long after that while shopping at the old Hankyu Jaya Shopping Centre (which has now been turned into Bangsar Village).

4. Still in our second home in Subang Jaya, thieves had the tenacity to break into our car, a Ford Sedan, one night and took of with RM11.00 worth of coins, our cassette player and the lightbulbs of the headlights.

5. When I was 14 years old, I was mugged and physically accosted by some thugs in one of the toilets at the Atria Shopping Centre in Damansara Jaya. I was by myself, I had told my parents to drop me off early in the morning at Atria, which was near my secondary school as I’ll be meeting with some friends. I was there early, felt the need to pee so I went into one of the toilets on the 2nd floor. I knew I should’ve turned around and left when I saw these two thugs (I won’t mention the race here in  case someone thinks I’m implying that people from that race are violent bastards) smoking and chatting. But I didn’t, since I figured that i’d just go in pee and get out and they’ll leave me alone. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, as they called me names as I was peeing (another mistake was that I didn’t use the cubicles, instead, I used the urinals). I was getting a bit scared but I didn’t say anything. They obviously wanted some reaction from me and it got them a little bit pissed that i didn’t. I finished my business quick (actually I stopped myself halfway…) and went to the basin to wash but one of the guys blocked me and asked how much I have with me. I said I didn’t have…big mistake cause I got slapped and the two guys look pretty angry, calling me names like “bodoh” “budak Cina bangsat”, “Ah Pek” and such…I quickly lost the will to resist and handed over my wallet which contained only RM20.00. They obviously thought being Chinese meant being rich, which I told them I was not. One guy slammed me on the wall and punched me in the gut and warned me not to say anything to anyone or they’ll find me in school…They took my lunch and break money and left the loo. I quickly got up, got myself in order and left the toilet, left the shopping centre in a jiffy and ran off to school instead. I’ve not told a soul to anyone about this…I was a Form Two kid, and being a not-so-popular kid, I figured I’m just gonna get picked on. So I hushed up and let the incident pass me by. I never went to that god-awful shopping centre for about another year. I realised now – after reading of the recent news about students being bullied and whacked to death in and outside of schools – that I was fortunate to escape with my life. Atria still not very safe today, as the toilets are still very quiet and creepy. God knows how many other students besides me had been victims of those two thugs.

6. My mother was a victim of two snatch thefts. It seems that almost everyone I know had been victims of mugging and snatch thefts, and the statistics are obviously skewed to show that Malaysia is rather safe to draw in the tourists. Twice it happened in the notorious SS2 area. Once while she was doing marketing in the morning several years back. She fortunately had some sense not to resist and the snatch thieves on bike did not push or rough her up. She only lost her driving license and RM100 in cash, she didn’t take her IC out to the market in the mornings and thankfully, the car keys were in her pocket. The second incident happened a few years back, 2002, in the SS2 Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant. I was at home, having returned to college when it happened. Mom and Dad were having dinner in the restaurant, they had chosen to seat next to the entrance of the restaurant. Mom placed her handbag on her side, near the door. A guy just rushed into the restaurant, grabbed the bag and ran off. Mom and dad gave chase, mom tripped and fell, scraping her face and grazed her knee. She was fortunate indeed not to have been hurt badly. I was damn pissed when mom called back to tell me what happened. I regretted tremendously that I wasn’t there to help. She was not so lucky this time – she lost the car keys, her license, her IC, a mini calculator and RM300 which was in the wallet in her bag. A dinner outing turned into a nightmare for both my mom and dad. Fortunately, there was a kind soul who helped my mom and dad to make a police report at the SS2 police station nearby, took her to a clinic to get patched up, drove them home to get the spare car keys from me and drove them back to get the car.

7. Our car, this time a white Proton Iswara, was again broken into – this time at our third home in SS23 Taman SEA. Happened at midnight or thereabouts, I suppose. They took about RM10 in coins and also the cassette player.

8. There was a brazen attempt to break into our house in Taman SEA a year-and-a-half ago, via the roof…and while we were still in the house!! Mom and Dad had already slept, I was not. Still working on the computer, I heard a commotion near the kitchen and heard sounds like footsteps. I went in to check and I shouted a loud “Hey!” and then, heard more footsteps, running. I ran upstairs to wake my mother and dad but they too, had already been awokened by the footsteps. The next day, my mom called our the contractor and he went up to the roof to check. It was confirmed that there must’ve been an attempt to break in as a few of our house tiles were removed, a small gap had appeared. The neighbour on our left side also confirmed that they heard footsteps on their own roof.

There you have it, some of the scary incidents where my family had been victims of crime. In all cases, we were fortunate to be still in one piece and neither of us had been seriously wounded. There are many more incidents such as last year, a friend of one of my closest friends was stabbed while stopping a robbery in progress in broad daylight at one of the LRT stations. Also, my rich uncle and aunt had numerous break-in incidents at their posh bungalow in Subang Jaya and my cousin once had her laptop stolen by a housemate who had sold it off. No proof it was her housemate but strong suspicions because the housemate treated other housemates in the house to a two day trip in Genting Highlands. The 5-star condominium where I am staying at has about 18 break-ins since residents began moving in one year ago. 18 in a year!!

So, the question is, is our country, our city, our streets safe? I do not think so. Many, I believe, would act like 14 year old me, who was afraid to make a report because of various reasons such as embarrassment, hassle and unhelpful police. How long do we Malaysians have to suffer and live in fear of the lives of our loved ones before we can be sure and guaranteed that our streets, our homes, our neighbourhood, our city and our country is safe and protected from crime?

Like I had implied in the previous post, it’s time to stop talking and start taking pro-active preventive and pre-emptive measures against these culprits! We need the public to continue to be wary of their surroundings, and to remain ever vigilant for suspicious behaviour. If the police would not help us, we have no choice but to take up matters in our own hands by setting up more RELA and rukun tetangga volunteers for crime prevention patrolling.



  1. That’s terrible, Philip. I’m sorry to hear about these crimes committed on you and your family. Yes, we all have to be very very alert, even to the point of being paranoid.

  2. Naoko: 🙂

    Lydia: Yes, unfortunately, we can no longer rely on the authorities to help us…it is now us who are responsibility for our own protection. Even if this means to the point of paranoia.

    Oh, how I long for the days of peace on our streets…

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