When I was a young, reckless teacher…

In between January 2004 and May 2005, I led the life of teacher-educator-administration staff for a local international school. While I enjoyed myself very much teaching the students and gaining firm friends from among my students, I had a rather tumultous time with the other teachers and staff of the school, in particular the deputy principal (who is now the principal of the school) then. She is a mean, old dragon lady who is a spinster…and you know what kind of person a spinster would be – cranky, overbearing and plain vicious. Many teachers of the school had left because of clashes with this real bitchy lady, and many were because she didn’t like them or was brave enough to challenge her authority.

I fell in the second group…initially, she treated me alright, for the first couple of months. Then, when I decided that some of her rules for the students were ridiculous, I plainly ignored them because I was teaching them, not her. Bad mistake. She soon set her hawkish eyes on me and some of my teacher friends, setting her goons to pay a close attention to my teaching methods.

All this while, what the other teachers thought of me did not matter, as I was concerned in only ensuring that I have a good relationship with my students. Sadly, it seems that to this bitch and to her goons, I was a little too close with my students, especially one specific group of 12-year-old boys and girls. And so, they made life difficult for this group of kids as well. I won’t elaborate on what they did as it no longer matters to me, but trust me, it was not nice. Especially when they expelled one of my students for reasons beyond comprehension – parents were a little too meddlesome with school affairs…

I went, WTF…how could they do that? Parents have every right to enquire about how the way things in the school is run as they are the ones paying the school to educate their kids. Since when do schools kick students out because parents were trying to interfere in school matters. I was furious, and I made it known to the school. And that itself got me into a lot of hot soup. This is where more office politics occur in the staffroom as the teachers were quite divided over the matter. But the sharks are indeed circling around me, ready to pounce on me and gobble me up.

The strain and pressure almost made me want to quit, and perhaps I should’ve or otherwise, I wouldn’t have been assigned to do administration work instead of teaching. One day, a student really tested my patience and it came to a point where I can’t stand him anymore. I did what one of my old teachers in high school used to do to students who misbehaved…I manhandled the boy, frightening him so much that he went and made a report to the bitch and I was dead meat. Dang, I should’ve quit, when I had the chance…now they’re going to fire me!

Amost did too, if it weren’t for one of the more senior teachers pulling some strings to get me reassigned from the teaching staff to the administration staff. You couldn’t believe some of the stupid things that I was forced to do in my new job scope…besides being the school photographer/reporter (which I liked), I was also forced to make recordings of television programs which takes up quite a lot of my time, I was made to do office boy jobs – delivering letters and receipts to students, going out to buy things for the chief administrator who is as bitchy and demented like the deputy principal…well, to cut the long story short, I was made to feel like even though I have a job in the school, I was not welcome. And so, I got the point, learnt my mistakes and three and a half months later, I handed in my resignation and upped and left the school.

The kids were crushed of course. I’ve taught History, Geography and P.E. to these students and I was glad that I managed to interest them in learning about History and Geography, subjects deemed to be boring under previous teachers. And when I stopped teaching them, many of them complained to me about how boring their lessons were now. Being with these kids taught me a lot, most of these children are very intelligent by the school system that they are in is failing them. My concern were for the weak students, because the teachers made it clear to them that they were no-hopers.

What little impact I had on them has since disappeared and they’ve gone back to being what they were before I came into the school…aimless, bored and were only attending school because they had to. I really pity them and always wondered why they did not switch schools. Their answer? “Because I don’t want to leave my friends.” If only they cared about their future as much as they cared about their friends, even if most of them are quite well-off, being international school students.

My time at this international school has matured me a lot. I’ve seen different aspects of the way the school is run and met all sorts of different people – the good ones and the detestable ones. I have no ill-feeling toward these people anymore. They’re glad to see the back of me. I am glad to see the backs of them. I just take it all as a learning experience for me and I just learn from my mistakes. All I am hoping now is that the same bitch has not spread the word about my “reputation” to other private schools as she’s been known to do to former teachers of the school who had crossed her paths.

Anyways, here are some photos of my beloved students. I love and cared about each and everyone of them. I never failed to spend time with at least each different student and to get to know them better and to find out what their weaknesses in learning are. Teachers seldom do this anymore, they are only concerned with delivering the lesson and out of the class they go, never taking time to know them better.

That is not how the way teachers should be. Now, as I study to become a school counsellor, I hope to be in the position of changing this and helping teachers to make a positive impact in the lives of their students.



  1. Just your monitor popping in to say hello and that you’re doing a great job. Keep it up! Good luck and blessings, Prana

  2. Heh, thanks! 😀

    You’re doing a great job too!

  3. Scarlet Rain

    ahahahaha just a previosly graduated student laughing at your post. Hahahahahaha I know what you mean about her being a bitch … but never thought it was that bad meh … neways good luck with what you’re doing and when i found that picture of your year 2 students I was like “eh?”
    Ganbatte *peace*

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