What kind of a rooster crows at 3a.m.???

I thought roosters are supposed to crow when the sun is about to rise…and in Malaysia, it’s about 5.30a.m to 6a.m. So why the heck am I hearing a rooster crowing outside my condominium at this ungodly hour??

Hahaha…just a piece of randomness, because the rooster’s crow caught me by surprise.

I live in a condominium on the first floor, which is actually the fourth floor if you consider the two level basement carparks and ground floor lobby. And my room window faces a construction site and time and time again I would hear dogs howling and chickens crowing. There are several hut-like houses which I assumed is where the foreign workers are staying and it always got me curious to wonder why the heck these workers keep all manner of pets? There is no doubt that the noisy dogs are strays…but chickens??

That’s a first…


  1. more than likely they are for food, at least that’s why I keep them. I too freaked out the first time I heard my rooster crowing at 2 am. I was about to go out there and duct tape his beak shut! They crow to call in their hens, as an alarm and in the case of my roosters, just because they can.

  2. Wow! That’s an eye-opener, Phelan. But I can assure you, those roosters are defintely not kept for food…

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