The Power of Music

Music. It has always been a part of our lives even since the days of opera shows, and it is going to stay with us for a very long, long time. Our world, whatever we do in it, revolves around music. Without it, our lives would be exceptionally dull. We listen to music when we are in the car, when we are bored, some listen to it when studying, and a movie is never complete with music. Be it rap, R&B, jazz, contemporary or rock, they are always and will be pop music. 

Pop music, short for popular music, simply means music that is popularized by the media. However, the popularity of the music depends on how the music fared among the public. Also, the popularity is only for a time being. Eventually, when the public is bored with one song, that song would gradually lose its popularity and is replaced by a new popular song. The cycle goes on and on. Though pop music is not really a mass media by itself, it is inseparably bound to the mass media. Still, many of us do not know the effects of pop music have on the society. Most of us think that pop music is here to serve and entertain us only. How wrong these people are! Unbeknownst to them, pop music is an effective tool the media can use to stir up emotions, influence and persuade us to act on a subject. Pop music has the power to change lives in a way no one can imagine. 

First of all, pop music serves as a societal unifier. This is perhaps the greatest effect pop music have on the society. So, how does it function as a societal unifier. Pop music, thanks to the mass media, is thriving like never before and everyone around the world can listen to it. People with the same interest in the same kind of music and in the same song can get together to talk and discuss about their favorite singers. Now, isn’t that a societal unifier? Let us take another example, two people each regarding the other as an enemy, will be surprise to find that they share the same interest in the same music. They will ask each other, “Hey, I didn’t know you like this kind of music!” They will then get into a conversation about their favorite music. As you can see, pop music is able to bind our society together. By listening, singing and talking about the music together with friends, we are actually strengthening our friendship. This indeed proves that pop music can actually help bind society together. 

Another example lies in famous Irish band U2’s song The Sweetest Thing. The band’s frontman, Bono, wrote this song for his wife when he forgot about her birthday. The song has a sweet feeling and when one watches the video, one could not help but sympathize with him. U2 conveyed a simple act of asking forgiveness into a heart-warming song full of love and care. The song not only touches someone, it also shows that pop music have the power to heal emotional wounds. Pop music is the essence of the singer’s soul and the dreams of the listener. With the help of the mass media, singers can project emotions and feelings to listeners all over the world. We, as listeners, cannot help but feel the same way as the singer must have felt singing the song. Research also shows that rock musicians act the way they do because they are expressing their past difficulties. Therefore, pop music can be tool to use to express one’s feelings and emotions. It was once said by Jewel, an emotional singer herself, that emotions and feelings makes good music. A song is also like a story about someone’s life, only that it is in a musical way, it helps to make a person feel better when he is relating to an audience he never knew. 

Pop music also has the ability to raise serious issues and get people to be aware about them. As long as the media is still around, pop music will continue to grow and impact lives with the essence that contains in the music. Many pop music artistes had used this method to convey messages of hope, peace, love, hatred, and pain through their music. They are also capable of raising sensitive issues like rape, drug abuse and racism. Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill is about the nasty drug called Ecstasy while Michael Jackson’s Earth Song tells about the importance of preserving nature and encourage us to love the Earth. Jackson, because of his huge popularity in the late 80’s till the mid 90’s, had written and sung some of the most beautiful songs that talks a lot on the issue of morality, nature, our children and racism. The songs were Heal the World, which urges us to make this world a better place for our children, They Don’t Care About Us, a sensitive song about the plight of the blacks in America, Bad which is about gangsterism, Jew me, Syke Me, Kill Me, a song full of insult towards the Jews and  You Are Not Alone which is about the parting of his close friend. This clearly shows that pop music can and able to raise sensitive issues and cause people to do something about it. 

Although pop music benefits a lot of people, it is without flaws. Pop music is also a devastating tool that can cause deaths. Satanic music and other kinds of dangerous hard rock music are said to be the cause of death for many younsters who listened to these kind of popularity music. Songs like Highway To Hell and Suicide Paradise led more than twenty teenagers to commit suicide in USA in the early 90’s. Pop musicians like Nirvana, Metallica and Jimi Hendrix included lyrics that actually persuade these teenagers to take their own lives. However, it is difficult to understand why these teenagers end their lives after listening to these kind of music, but the fact remains that pop music is the cause of it.  

Pop music, along with the mass media, play important parts in our daily lives. Though it have positive and negative effects, without pop music are lives would be very different indeed.


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