The Malay Mail article on Blogging

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You don’t need a survey to tell you that most people who read blogs rarely believe in the information disseminated by bloggers. Most tend to take the information with a pinch of salt before trying to seek credible sources to verify whatever information that they have obtained.

The survey also revealed that 57 per cent of the respondents wanted bloggers to be made accountable by imposing certain regulations to deter irresponsible bloggers from posting sensitive, inaccurate and false information.

I do not know how they obtain their sample of 100 but just a sample of 100 is not enough to represent the general consensus of the public. 57 people out of a 100 wants bloggers and blogging to be regulated…who are these 57 people? The government peeps themselves who has constantly been lambasted by these blogs? Or are they members of the media themselves who do not want to see these blogs usurping their position as trustworthy sources of information? 

It is obvious that this article is meant to play up the issue about getting the Government to look into ways to moderate bloggers and blog content. It is totally abhorrent to do so in my opinion…because blogs are personal spaces on the internet and by doing so, you’re infringing our rights to speak up on our own individual space! We have every right to speak up and we understand our responsibility in using that right. You should not drag the legit users like I am and instead, should go after people like MENJ, who obviously uses his blog to perpetrate a doctrine of fanaticism.  Blogs like his should have NO place in the Malaysian blogosphere.

Those who called for bloggers to be monitored said blogs should only be used to share useful information, and not be an avenue to post exaggerated articles, or a place to blow your own trumpet.

This is another bit of bullcrap from the “sample of 100″… only useful information? I concur with Bibliobibuli…how deeply boring and dry. While a lot of people do post useful information, it’s not what usually people browse blogs for. If we want useful information, we’d gone straight to the main websites or directories for it.

Not an avenue to post exagerrated articles? Again, is the people in the sample trying to make life for Malaysians as dull as possible. We are not stupid, immature people. We have brains to think and discern the truth from the false and right from the wrong. We know an exagerrated article when we see one. Don’t underestimate us!

The purpose of blogs is for us the have an avenue to rant, complain and get things off our chests. In other words, it’s exactly what blowing our own trumpet means! No one is obliged to stick to a blog and follow it faithfully and religiously til it one day brainwashes you. Where else can we go if we can’t get things of our chests? Where can we go if there’s no where for us to voice our complains, and comment on things that we are dissatisfied with. The local councils complaints dpt. are too slow to take action…and there’s no speaker’s corner available for Malaysians to publicly vent our frustrations! This is why blogs became so famous, we feel secure in our own private corner of the WWW where we can talk and discuss issues openly without fear of having the authorities knocking down your door.

On Wednesday, Deputy Internal Security Minister, Datuk Fu Ah Kiow had said that the Government was looking into formulating regulations under the Printing Presses and Publications Act to monitor blogs in Malaysia.“We will study if the Act should be amended to include the electronic media and the internet,” he had said.

there was a gap between the various types of media and this has prompted the Government to look into the possibility of setting up a unit to monitor them.

Regulating electronic media and the Internet is a very dangerous precedent and should be aborted immediately. The Internet is too vast and it’s impossible to regulate every Malaysian-owned blog there. To undergo such a venture would require an enormous amount of resources wasted on such tracking down errant bloggers. Therefore, the Internal Security Ministry should just forget about it. There’s no way it’s going to happen…and even if it does, do you think we will sit idly by and see it enforced?

How can you foster an open-minded society when you’re clamping down on media here and there and everywhere? It’s ridiculous!


  1. I’m actually anegered by the fact that the most important meaning of “blog” seems to escape them.

    Which is Web Log, also knows as JOURNAL.

    These journals are our own PERSONAL journals. If you read and follow them blindly, LIKE DUH they’re going to be misinformed.

    And when we have THOUSANDS OF MALAYSIAN BLOGGERS, A SAMPLE THAT *LARGE* is definately not big enough. Idiots.

  2. My sentiments exactly! And do you know MENJ visited your blog and criticised thee? That’s why I mentioned him in this post to get back at him.

  3. My sentiments exactly! And do you know MENJ visited your blog and criticised thee? That’s why I mentioned it in this post to get back at it. MENJ is nothing but an ‘IT’.

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