The Bachelor Life

My youngest uncle is a bachelor. He’s already approaching his 50s and he is still happily single. He’s quite loaded, that I know, since he is a branch manager of one of the local banks and he commands quite a high salary. He gets to travel abroad frequently, so much so that I really admired his lifestyle.

He used to have a girl-friend but they broke up, don’t know for what reason but since then, my uncle has never hooked up with any other girls. I wouldn’t say that he is gay because my uncle certainly, clearly does not act that way. Whatis more, I don’t think he’d dare lead an alternative lifestyle since my grandparents would’ve disowned him if he ever did turn out gay.

The funny thing is, while me and my uncle are one generation apart and in different careers, besides those differences, we are very much alike. Once I stumbled upon a very old black & white photograph taken in the 1960’s and from that picture, I stared out of thatpicture at myself!! I was shocked, of course, and questioned my dad about it who said, “That’s not you, silly boy! That’s my little brother and your youngest uncle, Dennis!”

Uncle Dennis looked awfully similar to me that it was really uncanny! Moreover, I later learnt that my uncle was also adopted, just like me! As I grew up, some of my relatives on my dad’s side always commented how Uncle Dennis and I looked alike. I once even wondered if he was in anyway related to me but I quickly dismissed it because mother did not approve of me thinking such thoughts.

Nevertheless, I secretly admired my uncle, even though he may sometimes look very strict and very snobbish, I know he’s a good person. I wish I had spent a bit more time with him, but sadly, he never had much liking to children. Probably that was one reason why he never got a girlfriend because he never wanted to have kids and had assumed that girls get married because they want to have kids.

And so, my uncle remain a bachelor and what an easy life he’s had! Of course, even though I aspire to remain a bachelor throughout my life, so that I can amass my wealth and lead a hedonistic lifestyle without having to worry of my wife splurging and my kids’ edication funds. Indeed, I’m certainly not planning to hook up with anyone anytime soon, and I just wish that my relatives and mom herself would just stop pressuring me.

This is one reason why I never liked to grow up…I may have grown up physically, but deep down in my heart, I’m still pretty much a spunky and rambunctious 13-year-old. And I wish to remain that way for as long as I can. But then again, mom has a point, if I hook up with someone, I wouldn’t have to worry about not having a heir to pass down my inheritance and not have to worry about being alone. However, I have gone through nearly 23 years of my life pretty much as a loner. I am very comfortable going out by myself, watch movies by myself and having meals by myself. While having some company is nice, I tend to lose interest in having any sort of conversation and would become an active listener and I would always be silent. This is especially true if the crowd happens to be people that I am not familiar with.

I’m turning 24 in a few months, I still have a long life ahead of me. No one knows what tomorrow will bring, but I am not going to fret over the future. All I am concerned with now is to live each day to the fullest possible and as happy as I could, knowing that I’ve used up the hours, minutes and seconds of each day well.


  1. abhihsek

    nice article.

  2. Ben

    Tend to agree.

    I’m in my late twenties and have watched as all but the last of my friends have married off. And it’s sad to say … but I have not envied a single one who’s gotten married, perhaps I’m broken.

    And as I analyze my own relationships (I’ve been in two very serious ones) I can’t help but find the idea of bachelorhood becoming increasingly enticing.

    Continue on in your quest … and good luck.

  3. Paul

    Good story. I too love the life am leading. its quite interesting. As someone said…no marriage, no kids no worries.

  4. Frostxicity

    Great article, but isn’t life all about experiences and trying new stuff? After all kids may feel you became accomplished once you are on your death bed, maybe you can look around you and see your children and maybe your children’s children. Everybody looking somewhat worried but you, certain of your end can only close your eyes and smile thinking “There we go, I’ve done it, time to move forward”

    I never wish somebody would die lonely, with nothing to leave behind. Maybe your children will become great figures of society, or maybe their children, or their children’s children.

    Being a bachelor means having fun all the time, partying all day. Settling down means thinking towards the future.

    As for me, I will probably remain a bachelor for a long time to come now.

  5. Frostxicity

    PS: Check the movie “Into the Wild” to see whats my real image of life.

  6. Wel lik al d comet dat had been made ad wuld jst add dat being a bachelor is gud bt at d same time is nt cus i beliv nobdy is perfect ad 2 heads ar praticaly beta dan one so in esences i beliv everybody needs a compinous.


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