Some interesting population facts about Malaysia

The US state intelligence agency, the CIA, has a “World Fact Book” on the Internet that covers quite in depth details about the countries in this world.

Go to their site for some interesting facts on the people of Malaysia as compiled by the CIA. The information there has recently been updated, as recent as 20 July 2006. Whether or not the CIA’s information is in tandem with that of Malaysia’s own records is still unknown.

Nevertheless, it’s quite interesting to note the statistics on the fact book. Like how Malaysia is continuing to be a growing, prosperous nation when you compared the birth rates with that of the death rates per 1000 of the population. Malaysia registered 22.86 births per 1000 of the population while there is a surprisingly low death rate…only 5.05 deaths per 1000 of the population. Considering the fact that Malaysia already has a total population of  24,385,858 people, not counting those illegal immigrants and non-citizens, and judging by these birth rates and death rates, I won’t be surprised if 10 years down the road, Malaysia’s population will reach 35 million to 40 million people…a tad overcrowded if you ask me.

What is more shocking, however, is the infant mortality rate… 17.16 deaths in every 1000 live births, that’s pretty high for a country that is considered to have one of the most advanced medical facilities in the region. I wonder what the Ministry of Health has to say about this if they knew about this figure. Could it be the fault of the hospitals or the fault of the parents? No reason was given about the rather high infant mortality rate in the country.

There a lot of other information as well. Just scroll down the fact book page and you probably get to see some stats that we normally wouldn’t know about such as the GDP, economy review of Malaysia, the population below the poverty line (only 8% it seems) and our consumption of natural resources such as oil and natural gas.

Pretty comprehensive.


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