So hungry…

My mom’s gone off to buy breakfast. I’ve already requested to her to get me pei tan chok (Century Egg Porridge) from the SS2 Dim Sum restaurant, the one next to the SS2 Yong Tau Foo restaurant. That restaurant serves some of the best Dim Sum in this locality. It definitely rivals the Dim Sum restaurant in Taman Megah in terms of taste, quality and servings. As for price, both restaurants have pretty much the same prices for their dishes, and it can be considered to be quite expensive.

But what to do? Food is not cheap nowadays, due to the rising standards of living. One plate of char kuey teow in the Taman Mayang restaurant is already RM3.50… but I’m willing to pay the price because I love that restaurant’s char kuey teow. While it cannot be compared to the ones in Penang, it is still rather nice.

The Star yesterday did a feature on the quality of local food nowadays… read all about it here >>>

It’s quite true, some hawker stalls I’ve noticed are manned by foreign workers who don’t know nuts about Malaysian food. They never prepare the dishes with care and passion like the ones manned by Malaysians, especially the older generation. Something has to be done to maintain the quality of our local food, and not let the standards be degraded by the use of foreign cooks who have very little or no information as to what the typical Malaysian likes in his food.


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