Religion is not at fault…it’s the followers with bigoted feelings!

I concur with what Tiara’s comments over at my pet-sister Naoko’s post regarding Article 11. She said:

“What needs to change is NOT BLAMING ONE RELIGION OR ANOTHER FOR THE PROBLEMS OF ITS FOLLOWERS. Religion is inanimate; it can’t do anything on its own. The responsibility lies in the followers and adherents to practice the best of their faith and live in harmony with others – and cooperate with other faiths.”

I really couldn’t have agreed more with her. Religion is a very subjective thing and is inanimate, it cannot function on its own without someone driving it. Religion, on its own without its followers, is as good as dead and is only alive when it has followers who clings on to the teachings of the religion faithfully. A lot of religions involves blind faith and trusting in something inanimate that we cannot see, touch, smell, feel or hear. And whatever ‘voice’ wants hear, it is usually the voice of your heart – your conscience.

So therefore, religion on its own is perfectly harmless and perfectly safe…only when we have firebrand and fanatical followers who chose to interpret the teachings of the religion differently that we begin to have problems. Only when we have self-serving followers with selfish ambitions that we have people claiming one religion is better than the other.

As I had stated firmly before, no religion have the right to claim that it is superior and more true than the others. Anyone who says so has only one thing on his mind, to create tension and eliminate “rivals” of the religion. Such a person deserves to be put under ISA detention for life!

Tiara was spot on when she said that it is the followers’ responsibility to practice the best of their faith and to live in religious harmony with others. It is up to the followers if they want to or not. It also depends on whether the shepherd taking care of its flock of sheep is one that practices the peaceful form of the religion or the violent, selfish form of the religion. People like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell of the Christian fundamentalists and bin-Laden, Ahmadinejad, Bas’yir and PAS leaders from the Islamist front are definitely those belonging to the violent group of followers who will not stop until every so-called opposition religion are eradicated and the “lost souls” reclaimed for each other’s religion. It’s just plain stupid.

If we want peace, the followers will have to stop their fanaticism. No buts about it. It’s time we shelve aside some of the archaic laws and rules of religions simply because it no longer has a place in the 21st century.


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