Parents, when was the last time you’ve said “I love you”…

…to your child?
When was the last time you ever spent at least 10 minutes of quality playing time with your children?

When was the last time you ever praised your child?

Did you ever kiss your kids good night when you send them off to bed?

Why do I ask these questions? Simple — Children, no matter the gender nor the age, will always need love, support, guidance and care. They are very emotionally dependent on you as parents. But sadly, in Asia, we have stiff parents who do not know how to convey love and emotional support to their child, prefering to either leave them be or disciplining them for whatever wrong things they’ve done.

It is no wonder a lot of children grow up to become insecure and have problems with their parents because the actions of their parents when they were kids seemed to imply that they’re not loved. Touching is an important aspect in communicating love to your children, parents! They need to feel you, to hold you, to know that you’ll be there for them. They need to hear from your own mouth that you love them, that you cared for them, that they are the jewels in your life.

If you don’t want you child to grow up resentful of you, give your child a hug, spend quality time with them and for once, praise them instead of nagging them and admonishing them. Show your kids that you really love them. Teach them right, and they’ll grow up to become stable individuals who know what it means to love and to be loved. 


  1. We’re in the home stretch! Just a bit more!

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