Okay, back from my shower…

Feeling less tired now…I wonder if my element happens to be water? After all, whenever I immersed myself in water, I tend to feel re-energise and refreshed. It’s like my battery cells had been fully recharged by just dipping into the pool or by standing under the shower.

Anyways, I’m really slowly running out of ideas on what to post now. I’ve decided am tired of commenting on political and religious issues so therefore, am not going to write about them. I’ve written enough of material on it over a period of three days. Enough is enough…until of course, another politician gamely shoots his own foot by doing or saying something that we, the public, would not approve of.

So, what’s there left to write about? I’ve got no clue…


  1. Why not writing? Why did you go into writing?

    Other passions in your life besides writing? How?

    And why children? 🙂

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