For the second time in my life, I’ve been asked to present a speech for a university function.

The first was when I was asked by my alma mater, LimKokWing University, to present a welcoming and encouragement speech for the Orientation Day for new students sometime in 2003…it was during my final semester I think. It was my first time speaking to a crowd in an official function, and boy, was I nervous like hell!

Anyways, that speech was fairly well-received but I thought it felt great to be at the centre of everybody’s attention, people listening to what you have to say with rapt attention and the feeling of knowing maybe one or two will actually heed your advice and receive your encouragement openly.

The second time I was asked to present a speech was a couple of weeks ago at my current university, University Tun Abdul Razak, where I am undergoing my second degree program, this time in the field of Education. A couple of weeks ago, the university had launched the Educators Club, a club for the Education students to use as a platform for networking and exchanging of ideas, experiences and discussions. I was called upon by one of my lecturers to present a speech about my experiences in the Education program so far and give encouragement to my fellow students to take advantage of the club to expand their horizons and equip themselves with the latest teaching methodologies and ideas.

Below is the full-text of the speech which I had delivered during the launching ceremony:

Speech Presentation in Conjunction with the Launching of the Educators Club at UNITAR Kelana Jaya, July 10, 2006.

A very good afternoon to the President and CEO of University Tun Abdul Razak Professor Dr. Syed Abdul Hamid Al-Junid, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences – Professor Dato’ Dr. Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid, deputy deans, senior lecturers, lecturers, members of staff and my fellow coursemates from the Bachelor of Education (Hons) programme. 

It is a great honour and privilege that I am able to address you today in conjunction with the launch of the Educators Club.  

The formation of this Educators Club is a testament to Unitar’s dedication to ensure that its Bachelor of Education students will be further equipped with the necessary attitude, skills and knowledge to become good teachers and educators. 

I cannot describe to you how proud I am to be at UNITAR and to be under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences for they truly give their 110% to their students.  

Since my enrolment in June 2005 last year, I have come to enjoy studying here and engaging with the experienced lecturers in many interesting and entertaining classroom discussions. I am truly glad that I have chosen to enrol with UNITAR and its Bachelor of Education program. I am sure that you, as my fellow coursemates, feel the same too. 

I believe that with the formation of the Educators Club, we could learn and experience new things that will surely be beneficial to us as future teachers, educators and academicians. But this club will fail in its purpose if we, ourselves do not fully take advantage of it.  

My dear fellow coursemates, the university has done its part to provide good quality education and facilities for us. So, in return, we should do our part by being actively involved and participate in the many programs and activities that this club will organise in the future. The success of this club depends not on the university but on us for this club was made for us that we may use it as a platform for exchanging of ideas, learning new knowledge and fostering a conducive environment for discussions and forums.  

Therefore, I urge you all to broaden your horizons and adopt a positive, progressive attitude towards life as future educators. As Dato’ Ibrahim has mentioned in his speech, we must always continue to seek knowledge. Always thirst and hunger for knowledge and never be satisfied with the knowledge that you already possess.  

In this 21st century, knowledge is ever changing – what you know today may no longer be relevant in a few years time. Today, students are becoming much more knowledgeable than their teachers. How could we teach if we ourselves need to be taught by those we are suppose to teach? And so, as the next generation of teachers, we must regain the respect that our noble profession rightly deserves and seek to stay two steps ahead of our students. 

As I conclude, let’s not forget this momentous day that will go down in the history of UNITAR – the emergence of an influential club that will give birth to revolutionary teachers that will reshape the landscape of education in Malaysia. Let everyone remember that it all begins right here in this very hall. Believe in the impossible and you will achieve the amazing! 

My parting words to you my friends is this – “Carpe diem, seize the day” – uttered by Robin Williams’ character in the movie Dead Poets Society, a film that inspired me very much to be who and what I am today. A wonderful opportunity is here before us, my friends, don’t make regretful decision of letting it slip by you. 

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to speak to you today. Godspeed, my friends, as you continue to embark on this amazing journey called life towards fulfilling our dreams and ambitions as teachers and educators.


  1. Faith

    Hi, what kind of career fields will I get myself into if I enroll for this Bachelor of Educations (Hons) programme? And what do you do now? Hope to see a reply 😊

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