It’s so quiet…

Alone in my room now. Realising it’s so very quiet, nothing much sounded except the gentle ‘whirl’ of my ceiling fan and the crickets chirping occassionally outside.

My computer, from which I am typing this post right now, is a Sony Vaio notebook PC. My desktop PC had passed on several months back after the motherboard got short-circuited by a sudden surge of electricity. A freak incident is all I can best describe it. So, I had no choice but to use my notebook PC, which before being my personal computer, was only used when I had to go on assignments outside.

I’m typing this post from my computer desk, upon which my notebook PC is resting on. I am sitting straight up as a way to keep myself awake and alert. Alert for what?

Well, for one thing, my mother… she won’t be very happy to know if I had stayed up all night with sleeping a wink. If she knew that I’m awake all night, I can guarantee you that my mother will lecture me for an hour about how it’s useless for her to leave her inheritance for me when I don’t even know how to take care of my own health, that the inheritance would be wasted since I would die early because I don’t know how to take care of my own health and body. Yeah, she’ll actually say those things. She doesn’t understand about all this blogging thingy and I usually couldn’t be bothered to explain to her so as to avoid a shouting match.

Secondly, I’m alert…well, um…for things that go…*bump* in the night!

Yep, especially in this scary month where the Chinese are celebrating the Hungry Ghost Festival. And since my computer desk is next to the window, I have kept my window curtains closed because my superstitious mother thinks it would prevent the ghosties from hell from trying to peek into my room to see whether there’s anyone awake or not.

Codswallop, I thought, but not out loud, of course. But for safety precautions, I’m keeping my curtains shut anyways.

Oh boy…just four more hours away from daylight! *Eeeeps!*


  1. heheh same here, just 5 mins ago my mom woke up to nag me about not taking care of my health and not sleeping at night bla bla bla same thing la.

    and yesterday the security guard told me that they are facing some problems with a benda halus… so i think i am more scared than you la!!

    haha add oil add oil 🙂

  2. Hahaha!!

    This is what it’s like blogging all the way through the night in Malaysia. What were the odds of Blogathon 2006 happening during the Hungry Ghost Festival?

    I’ve decided to just stay focused on my computer screen and not look anywhere else even if I heard something that I thought I heard…

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