showers of joy comes

little children dance in delight

how sweet is innocence!

I wrote this haiku not very long ago as I was reminiscing about the time when I was about 5 or 6 years-old playing in the rain with a couple of neighbourhood friends. In those times, life was still simple and one can afford a little time to play in the rain without getting scolded by your parents. Of course, sometimes afetr playing in the rain, I would fall sick but still, playing in the rain remains to be one of the few experiences a children must have in life. It is a way for the child to shape his views and knowledge of his surroundings – through discovery, through exploration and through play. I remember how I revelled in splashing in puddles of water as the rain falls, yelping, laughing and screaming in delight as we tried to splash each other. I remembered the freshness of the rain, no bad smell for this was in a rural setting.

I believe children must be accorded something which they can cherish for rest of their lives. Sadly, I doubt that this is happening anymore as children began to spend more and more time in front of the computer and television and with their faces buried in schoolbooks and time spent on extra classes and remedial classes. No time for play. No time for such wonderful, enriching experiences as the ones I had when I was a child.

It certainly is tough to be a kid in the 21st century. I resolved to let my own kids to have some old-fashion playtime instead of pressuring them to excel in their studies. Play is equally an important tool in teaching kids about life and it is something that I do not want my child to miss out on.

Parents today must realise this and allow their children some room to play, explore and discover the world on their own. There’s so much that can be gained through play which books and computers can’t do. Parents, please don’t pressurise your child to exceed from young, you’ll only make them hate learning and hate school even more. You can only have 15 years of childhood and once those 15 years are gone, they cannot be reclaimed.

Do you want your child to miss out on the best times of their lives? I wouldn’t.


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