*Hack!* *Cough!* Ouch!

Ugh…eating too much heaty food has really taken its toll on my poor throat…I think it’s sore…very sore…even drinking water made hurt a little bit.

It’s correct what they say about men having lower pain threshold as compared to women. Macho as most men are, but they’ll cry like kittens when pain is inflicted upon them, especially…can you believe it…when it’s a paper cut! I just hate those as well…

Coming back to my sore throat…I think i aggravated it by going for Yong Tau Foo at SS2 for dinner and then buying Starbucks coffee from Giant Mall Kelana Jaya. During my sister’s five day visit, we took her on a whirlwind tour of the city and it’s culinary delights. For the past five days, it’s eating out for lunch and dinner!

It’s no wonder I got sore throat! Coupled with me drinking mostly ice-cold soft drinks, it’s only a matter of time before my throat sounded the alarm that it can’t take it anymore…

Best solution for sore throats, taught by my grandmum, was to drink lots of warm salt water to neutralise the bacteria causing the sore throat. Another cure involves boiling lemon juice mixed with sour plums and drink it twice a day over a period of three days. Both cures I don’t particularly like – one is too salty and the other is hyper sour…

What else can I do? Drink plenty of plain water, take one tablet of Panadol to kill the pain and hope it heals on its own. That’s all I can do…if it still doesn’t get any better, I better go see a doctor because I don’t want a serious throat infection.

*Sigh!* I just hate getting sick… Wish me well!


  1. I hope you feel better! Good luck and blessings, Prana

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    Good luck and blessings, Prana

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