Gospel, pt 2

For me the one sight that will always make my day is to see children playing happily. I see the most when I’m at Church, and I see two children, regardless of skin color, running around happily, sometimes toddlers following each other, always a watchful eye on them from their parents. There’s this sense of jouful abandon, like nothing else in this world matters.

There’s a certain serenity in the faces of these children, these children who have no concept of good or bad. Who are innocent, and who can do what most of us forget.

To just be.

They live in the moment. Day by day. Minute by minute.

Their laughter brings tears of joy to those who hear it. It gives you the strength to carry on, for soldiering forward to ensure that these children’s laughter will NOT BE LOST, NOT EVER.

They remind me of what it’s like to trust. What’s it’s like to let things be.

My sleeping child… sleep the night away and dream of playing with the moon… because I want to ensure that there’s a safe world for you to wake up to.


  1. Ah yes, the sweet innocence of childhood, playing joyfully and hapily with reckless abandon, no fear and no prejudice of the grown ups.

    How then do they turn into bigoted adults, I do not know… I pray that parents and teachers and adults that come into contact with children set a good example for their children, that they may continue to have the spirit of tolerance and acceptance into their adult lives.

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