Coming to the end of the road…Blogathon 2006 – Finis –

It’s been a wonderful, wonderful experience. Even though I am feeling very weary now, I could not help but feel incredibly happy that I made it through Blogathon 2006. I’ve met so many fellow bloggers who has great looking blog sites and I have learnt much from seeing what others posted on.

However, the focus throughout this whole blogathon thing, here in my blog, even if it is a bit disjointed, is about children, and how important it is for us to protect our children’s innocence as well safeguarding their futures. Children means a lot to me, because they are the future heirs of this Earth after we are all gone. No child is bad, but within all children, lies the potential for them to achieve something great. It is sad that sometimes parents, teachers and other adults seemed to overlook that quality in children, always driving their kids to excel in their studies when in fact, studies should not be the important thing.

It has been discussed by so many people, especially EducateDeviate and also myself, that not being a top scorer doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Not all children have the capacity and the capabilities to excel in studies, especially parts of the curriculum that involves a lot of theories and scientific studies. Children should be given the chance to pursue the arts as well as there may be hidden talent within the child that is waiting for the right kind of tutor to come and discover it.

Parents always want to give their best for their children, but their best may not necessarily be in the best interest of the child. Children, upon graduating from high school, already have the ability to make informed decisions and therefore, as parents, you should respect the choices of your children and support them instead of dictating to them what they must do and not do. 17-year-olds and 18-year-olds should no longer be treated like children and parents should slowly let them be, let them explore and discover the world for themselves. Only then, can they truly develop independence and able to use their thinking skills.

In conclusion, parents, teachers and other adults who work with children must know when to toe the line when it comes to educating their children and setting examples for their children. Remember, little pair of eyes are always watching your every move and do not be surprise if the owner of the eyes imitate your actions, your behaviour and your attitude. Also, parents, please remember, treat your children with respect if you wish for them to treat you with respect as well. Respect works both ways, never one.

Let us all work together to build up a future generation that is confident, sure and happy. We all want capable leaders, leaders who are much, much better than the present crop of leaders that we have now. So, let’s start with our children today. 


  1. WHEE!!!

    IT’S OVER!


  2. Hip, hip hooray! (repeat 3x)

    *lights fireworks*

  3. Heyyy!! Great job! It’s over!

  4. Bug

    Congrats on a job well done! 🙂

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