Children have ambitions…

…yes, even those who are from poverty-strickened countries!

Do not think that just because they’re are poor and have very little education, they are therefore content to continue living the way they are now. These poor children from Third World Countries are like any other normal children from the developed countries…they have their own ambitions, their own dreams, their own plans for the future. They have hopes and wishes to emerge out of their poverty situation. But they just don’t have anyone to help them realise their dreams.

This is where organisations like Save the Children ( come into the picture – they send teams of volunteers to these poverty-strickened families in these countries to deliver food aid, education and other material goods that will ensure their survival. Most importantly is the education component – this is because education is able to empower these kids to shake off the shackles of poverty.

However, for all these to be able to be carried out, the organisation needs money, needs funds from generous individuals like yourself to finance trips to these Third World Countries and make available various resources for the children. Support the work of Save the Children by making your pledges here – You may need to create a new account first and it’s ok if you’re not participating in the Blogathon. You can sign up as just a sponsor.

Please help make these less fortunate kids’ dreams and ambitions a reality. You can make a difference in someone’s life and they shall always remain thankful and grateful to you. If you are worried whether the money will be channeled to the right sources, be assured that I will never get to see the money because these will be channeled straight to the organisation itself. When Blogathon 2006 is over, you’ll receive an e-mail telling you how and where you can fulfill your pledges.

It’s very simple, so please, I urge you to help these less fortunate kids because they certainly deserve a better life than living in poor environments and poor conditions.

Thank you and may you be blessed for your generosity!


  1. Jia you, jia you!! It’s Jess here btw. Hehe

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