Ar, what a hearty breakfast!

Alright, I’m back and I’m stuffed!

Thanks mom! Love you lots! 😀

Who would’ve thought that one bowl of porridge could be so feeling? I can never get tired of this restaurant’s porridge, it is that good, though I would not eat it every day. That’ll be overkill…

Mom had some fried mee, looked rather dry. Not much taste to it, mom said so she didn’t finish half of it. These hawkers are all the same. Quality of their food is no longer what it used to be. They’re buying cheaper ingredients in order to save cost, yet they charge exorbitant prices by claiming that the standard of living has gone up. This is why I would rather buy stuff from the market and prepare my own home-cooked breakfast.

After all, it’ll be much healthier, safer and even more delicious!


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