Well…two hours down

And 22 more to go! WOOT!

I think there will come at some point in time that I will be totally at a loss of what to say and what to post. That’s if my arsenal of stories and opinions and commentaries have not dried up…

Let’s see…maybe I will go do a couple of memes for the next hour to kill some time. I wonder if that’s allowed? I’ll go do some anyways and see what kind of hilarious stuff these memes would result in.

Prana, I don’t have AIM or YIM, so I won’t be able to chat with ya. Do you have MSN instead?


  1. LOL. How about posting another short story ala the challenge before that?

  2. Ack! Sorry about the late reply. Yes you can reach me in MSN , email address kaliprana@hotmail.com. Good luck and blessings, Prana

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