US & Israel versus The Whole World

Day by day, reading the newspapers, it’s pretty obvious that both United States and Israel aren’t winning much friends in the world, if any at all.

I have no doubts that Israel is sincere about giving peace a chance, after all, they did pull out from several occupied territories last year, giving them back to the Palestinians.

The ones that aren’t giving peace a chance has to be the Islamic hardliners and terrorists from the Hizbollah faction, Hamas and Al-Qaeda. They seemed hell-bent on taking on the Iranian President, Ahmadinejad’s call to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth to heart.

Looking at it from a neutral’s point-of-view (I refuse to take sides as I believe each side is very much to blame for the endless conflict in the Middle East), Israel has every right to defend themselves against the atrocious attacks and kidnappings perpetrated by the Islamic terrorists but they shouldn’t really go overboard with the offensive. The ones that hurt the most in this latest conflict are the poor Lebanese civilians, caught in the middle of a war not of their doing.

Everything about Hizbollah is totally wrong, that I agree. They did not fight with words but with guns and bombs. These people are completely deranged (and I think the PAS leaders are absolutely deranged as well for supporting Hizbollah and Hamas’ struggles), what else could they be if they’re willing to blow themselves and others up in the name of God? No amount of therapy would be able to save these poor deluded fools who think they are fighting for a good cause through innocent bloodshed.

The world can only stand by and watch as the conflict escalates with each passing day. Lebanon is turning into another “Bosnia” and another “Iraq”. There’s too much happening elsewhere in the world that it’s difficult for the world leaders, especially the United Nations, to continually keep track. Natural disasters, political tensions and wars are ravaging the world and none of us are powerful enough to put an end to it all.

We in Malaysia may be far away from all the conflict but who is to say that the conflict in Southern Thailand would not spill over to the northern states of Malaysia, especially in the PAS stronghold of Kelantan? Considering the protests against Article 11 and the UPM bullying mob incident, it is only a matter of time before the horrors of May 13, 1969 will be upon us once again…

So what are we going to do about it? Are we all going to sit idly by while let these ragtag ruffians rough us into submission?

I think not.

Each of us play a part in keeping this country and this world a safe place to live in. Therefore, there can be no more apathetical attitudes towards these issues that affect us directly and indirectly. We cannot rest on our laurels any longer!


  1. That may be true, but I think our Goverment may be going about it the wrong.

    Instead of putting a gag on the media and driving these issues underground where they could cause more harm, I think they should re-evaluate their stance… Make these people sit down in a room and talk till their faces turn blue and they come to an agreement.

    And then we can see some progress… because we have wayyyy too many misconceptions going around here.

  2. Misconceptions are deadly things…so many unnecessary tensions and drama had happened because of misconceptions. Mostly due to the fact that these people aren’t very educated and therefore, only know how to solve matters with brute force and strength as well as in cowardly groups.

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