A Test of Willpower and Endurance

Drinking lots of coffee aside, Blogathon 2006 is certainly a test of willpower and endurance. To many people, it is absolutely mad and insane to stay up all day (and night like those of us in this part of the world), fingers typing away furiously at posts after posts. How many people would actually be willing to do it?

Not many it seems, as there are only a few of us Malaysian bloggers joining Blogathon 2006, six of us in fact. They are:-

Tiara, also known as EducateDeviate, who is actually joining Blogathon 2006 from Australia where she is pursuing her studies. She’s Malaysian, so she qualifies as a Malaysian participant.

One buck short


Yvonne Foong

Footsteps in the Mirror (Edrei)

And myself of course!

Six of us together with hundreds of other bloggers around the world are blogging for something good that we hope will bring a little bit of light and hope to some people out there who needed our donations.

I haven’t really had a lofty target – all I had in mind right now is to survive blogging for 24 hours.

I am hoping to post maybe a grand total of 50 posts, two posts an hour, 24 hours x 2 = 48 posts, plus 2 extra. 🙂

Also, since I’ll be staying up throughout the night, I’ll be taking this opportunity to finish up my assignments which are due next week.

Good luck to me and all the other 2006 Blogathon participants! Gambatte!!


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