Just a meagre loot from Big Bookshop

Well, finally went to the Big Bookshop Warehouse Clearance Sale at the Atria Shopping Centre. Initially didn’t want to make my poor wallet go hungry, but reading what Bibliobibuli and Ted had discovered in their book-buying (or should I say, book-looting? ;-)) spree made it hard to resist any longer.

So, after a hearty lunch at Nando’s with dear old mum, I ventured forth into the warehouse sale situated at the first floor of the shopping centre, not knowing what I’d find and what to expect. There is, of course, one book that I had set my mind on getting, which is Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less Travelled, a book on writing poems that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for quite sometime.

After 45 minutes of perusing the store of it’s books, I came away just a teeny bit contented with the book haul I got…which is a meagre total of three books. But I could not help but feel these three are gems nonetheless. Better to buy three gems of a book that would entertain and enrich me than to buy bucket loads of books that would make me groan or ‘ugh’ or put me to sleep beyond the first few pages.

So here’s my three books which I got for a grand total of RM50.80! –

Stephen Fry‘s The Ode Less Travelled – Unlocking the Poet Within

Murray Bail‘s Notebooks 1970 – 2003

Po Bronson‘s Why Do I Love These People – The families we come from and the families we form

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With these three books, I now have a grand total of 11 books in my reading queue. I had just finished Xeus’ Dark City and am currently reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.


  1. Anisha

    Hi there. I just bought a medical reference book at the Warehouse Sale at Big Bookstore in Atria today. It happened that my dad has the same book, but an older version. I’m not sure if I can return this book and buy other books. So, I’m reselling the book.
    Title: Family Medical Companion.
    Price: RM19.90
    Description: hard cover book, with information on medical symptoms, anatomy. first aid, medical dictionary and etc.

    Anyone interested, kindly e-mail me at: anisha_muheir86@hotmail.com

    Thank you.

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