Eldest sis home for a short visit

Today, my eldest sister, who is 15 years older than I, have arrived from Beijing for a short five day stay before flying back home to Sydney where she lives with her Italian-Australian husband and son. She was in Beijing to attend a conference on something…my sister is a research scientist of some sort for the University of Sydney, Australia. Don’t know what she researches on, I was never interested in what she does but she’s a darn intelligent lady that’s for sure!

It’s been about to years, I think since she last came back for a visit, so it’s nice to have her back home for a while. The top priority of this visit is mainly to vist the resting place of our dad, since she could not make it back home early this year when dad passed on.

Besides that, there’s a lot of shopping and dining to do before she leaves on Saturday, so I won’t be around online as much as I would like.

So, cheers then!


  1. Enjoy your sis’ company. Maybe you can get some nuggets from her to write some sci-fi?

  2. Yeah, I did ask, Lydia. It seems her area is in plasma physics…something to do with plasma and lasers used in plasma TVs!

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