Oh, gosh! Haley Joel Osment hurt in car crash!!

Was browsing through the latest entertainment news on CNN and came across this shocking piece of news.

I’m just so glad that he’s conscious and still talking. Being one of my favourite young actors, I shudder to think that he’s short, successful life will be cut short just like that, like what happened to James Dean.

And, as a fan, I will refuse to be drawn into spreading malicious gossips, rumours and unjust speculations about just what he was doing before crashing his ’95 Saturn while on the way home alone. I have high regards for the boy, he’s not the type of rebellious young actor who is into substance abuse and all that. He’s a good and humble kid.

I hope his condition is not serious. My prayers be with you, Haley!

An update on Haley Joel’s accident – http://www.eonline.com/News/Items/0,1,19567,00.html I’m just so very glad that it was nothing serious. I don’t care what caused the accident as long as he’s safe and sound, that’s all. Thank goodness he was wearing seatbelt!

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  1. Annonymous

    I’m just as glad to hear that Haley’s doing well. Like you, I’m also following this news. I’m appalled that some media are already spreading rife rumours about him being a tennage alcoholic because he can’t get another acting job.

    That’s just so cruel!

  2. joyce marie

    iam great fan of haley joel he’s a very good actor, the reflection of innocence is in his face how cute!!

  3. mleanie

    I love Haley joel Osment he rocks hes so hott!!!

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