Short Story Writing 1

It took me 45 minutes to write this story – without any planning, without any direction – after deciding to take up Starlight’s challenge on writing a 300 word short story. The end product simply surprised me and frankly, I’m quite delighted with it! I never knew that I had it in me to write a short 300 word story as I tend to let my prose go on and on and on… The exhilarating feeling of being able to finish writing a 300 word piece is simply indescribable and it reminded me of why I loved writing in the first place.

Let’s get on with the story! And of course, this will not be the last!

End of all things.

By Philipp Gan C.K. @ The Eternal Wanderer

Sunrise. The last days of the earth.

Here I stand, on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sprawling city complex far below.

It is nothing like I’ve ever seen before.

A conglomeration of majestic, tall buildings of wood, metal, bricks and glass.

Sensing tension clinging heavily in the air, I watched with alertness and expectation. Something is about to happen. And I stand here to bear witness to it all.

Sirens pierced through the tension like a sharp blade. Warning the people within the city.

I see tiny little ant like beings scrambling in every directions. I heard screams of terror. Anguished cries.

The earth beneath my feet trembles, but its tremors I feel not. I remained standing, ever vigilant. The time has come. It will be over soon.

I watched as the people below piled onto all manner of transportations – cars, trucks, the rich in their helicopters and jets. They are all running away – fleeing from something. But it will all be in vain. I shook my head sadly as I looked at the fragile remnants of humanity calling out feebly to their gods for salvation. It will not come.

Explosions rocked through the city. Flames shoot up the sky. The earth cracked open and swallowed up everything.

I looked towards the blazing red sun, growing a darker shade of red with each passing moment. I nodded grimly towards the sun. It is for the best.

Suddenly, all is calm. The lull before the end. I extend forth my right arm towards the sun and whispered, “Now!”

The sun explodes with a deafening roar, consuming the earth with its blasts. For billions of years the sun shone. And now, its days are numbered, as I decreed it. With it, so does the earth. And so do I.


  1. Not sure if I get it, Philip. Are you God in this story?

  2. i took him to be God in this story. is that right. philip? and nice piece!

  3. Yup! Initially it wasn’t going in that direction, but it went on longer than the 300 words so I decided to turn him into the ‘Creator’ and sort of end it by having the character ‘end’ the world.

    Hey, it could happen one day right? What with all the theories flying around in science about the sun dying out in a few million years time.

    It’s just one of those spur of the moment stories which turned out to be quite nice. Thanks, Starlight, for the comments.

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