Blood Test

Will be going for a blood test tomorrow morning…my first in two years.

Yeah, some people does it twice a year (like my late dad, who had a bit of a hypochondria problem) or once a year but it’s every two years for me (if I had it my way, I’d probably skipped it for another couple of years).

I’m not exactly big about doing blood tests. Not that I’m squeamish about blood and needles…I just don’t like knowing what’s wrong about my body and my health as I like to really be blissfully ignorant about it. There’s really nothing fun about knowing that your health’s not all that good and it just makes life a little less pleasant and boring since I’ll have to restrict myself from doing things that I like to do – like eating, staying up late, drinking Sprite (I can’t live without drinking Sprite at least once a day!), my precious junk food… It’s a miracle that I ain’t obese.

Thank heavens for having a high metabolism rate…and the fact that I tend to have very active sweat glands.

Nevertheless, my philosophy when it comes to my health is this – Fuck it!

If my cholestrol level’s high, fuck it. If my cretinine level’s high, fuck it. If there’s a blood anomaly, fuck it. I just don’t want to know. If I’m fated to die, I want to just die and be done with it. Without worry. Without anxiety. Without fear. Ignorance is indeed utter bliss

I’m only doing this blood test thingy because my mom asked me to. She’s making a fuss about me losing my previous blood test report. If I hadn’t lost it, I wouldn’t be taking the blood test. Go figure. *Note to self: Start keeping folders to file important personal documents so they’re not just chucked away in my paper-loaded drawers.*

Well, I’m not worried about what the blood test results are gonna be. I’m perfectly confident that I’ll be stamped with a clean bill of health. Heck, I’m as fit as I can ever be!

Do remember to check back this blog if you’d like to know the results of my blood test.

P.S: Let’s have a poll – When was your last blood test? Do leave your comments. I’d like to know how many people actually pay attention to their health. Thanks!


  1. Everytime I go for a blood donation. Which is abt 1-2 times a year, IF I can make it. :p

  2. My last blood test must have been when I had my accident last year… at least, I assume hospitals screen your blood routinely before they do surgery on you.

    If not, well, it must have been when I was in for dengue fever in ’98.

    I did go to get a full-screen a couple of years ago, but something happened — i’m not quite sure what — and I never went back to get the results. I suppose if I was dying of something somebody would have called. That was back in the UK.

    Here in Malaysia, I can’t get anybody to guarantee complete confidentiality with my results. I hear all kinds of horror stories all the time, like you get tested positive for HIV and the next morning you get picked up to get branded as a menace to society… though I guess it’s just that the Ministry of Health gets alerted, and they in turn will contact all your relatives. Not that I’m worried about stuff like that, it’s just on principle — my body and my health is my private concern.

  3. Naoko – Cool! ^_^

    Machinist – Eeeps…that’s really scary but unfortunately, its quite true. Still I think incidences like these only happens in govt hospitals; I’ve always been a bit suspect of the professionalism of some docs and nurses in govt hospitals. Of course, that’s not to say private docs are angels ’cause they’re not.

    I guess the best way to ensure absolute confidences about one’s medical report and results is to ensure the doctor you go to is someone whom you knew before that has a good record and is someone whom you knew you could trust.

    I absolutely agree that my health is my own business and what I want to do with it is up to me and not some high & mighty personnel from the MoH.

  4. a few days ago when i had dengue

    i felt like a pincushion

    but my last proper screening was a last year sometime … and like yiou, i just don’ wannna know

  5. Ignorance is only bliss if the disease one has does not produce with ANY symptoms which is rarely the case.
    Detect early and it may be more blissful than suffering in ones deathbed.

    Anyway, first time here. nice blog. =)

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