The World’s Gone Nuts!

I knew it was bound to happen some day, I was just too stubborn to see it. I gave the world too much credit sometimes, thinking it’ll come to its senses somehow, someday.

But alas, it finally has happened.

                                                         Mumbai train blast

People of the world, have I got news for you! – Our world’s gone nuts. Our governments gone nuts. People bombing people. Missiles and rockets pollute and litter the airspace. Better give flying a miss lest you be struck down by a wayward missile fired from India or Noth Korea. In a nutshell, we’re all doomed. OUR country is doomed, bankrupt – what with billions of funds having gone down the toilet with one unnecessary mega-project after another…We might as well go the way of Noah and build our very own personal arks and escape from these sinful and vile world! But let’s not forget our TVs and our laptops, lest we lost touch with our favourite CSIs, desperate housewives and with the world. Oh, remember the GPS system too, we wouldn’t want to be lost at sea during our exile, now would we?

                                                                North Korea tests their missiles despite protests from the world.

                                       Israel Attacks Lebanon

Just when we thought the world is slowly learning to be nice to one another after the December 2004 tsunami and after the FIFA World Cup 2006, ugly side of humans reared its hideous head once more –  stabbing each other in the back and going after each other’s throats, trading insults and making threats. As they always say, old habits die hard.

Will we humans ever, ever learn? I am beginning to feel very exasperated by the day whenever I read the newspapers. For one single day, can’t we all live together in impeccable peace without a single bad news or bad beaviour or a bad word uttered? Can we not just set aside our selfish ambitions and prejudices and debate/discuss problems with calm logic and reason instead of idiocy, stupidity and brashness?

Wait, hold on, perhaps I’m a bit too unfair to everyone, especially most of us do-gooders who always try to toe the line. In fact, I think it should be government and world leaders who should do this. For once I like to see these world leaders shut their mouths up and shut themselves in their bunkers, away from telephones, newspapers, computers, radios, maps, magazines, books and television – anything that would provoke them at the slightest hint of the words “terror“, “bombings“, “threat“, “nuclear“, “Bin Laden“, “Al Qaeda” and “war“.

Perhaps then, we people of the world would be spared from the embarrassing theatrics and antics of our leaders and for once we experience peace, harmony and tranquility. That’ll be the day, huh?

   Malaysian Youth and Sports Minister was the first to reveal plans to build a sports complex in UK worth RM 490million, resulting in horrified protests by members of the public, NGOs, the media and the Opposition parties.  Bung Mokhtar, the MP of Sri Gading, one of a few MPs who need to wash their mouths out with bleach detergent!

But then again, society as we know it will suddenly implode with anarchistic tendencies and we wouldn’t want anything like that now would we?

What a dilemma! Most of the problems in the world were caused by inept leaders in the governments who probably did not know what they’re saying or doing three-quarters of the time. Yet, remove governments and establishments, we fear that we would not be able to control our new found liberty from governments, laws and orders and in turn, descend into savage ‘every man for himself’ tendencies.

Heck, just look at our own country, our own government, who seems to have an agenda that will benefit itself instead of benefiting the people. Look at the shoddy, inept local councils (Petaling Jaya, Ampang Jaya) and the corrupt, dirty-handed tactics of winning contracts. licenses and businesses like Matrade, APs, the confiscated cars fiasco, the scrapped bridge and many other others. Look with shame at the antics of our supposed ‘learned’ Members of Parliament from Jasin, Kinabatangan and Sri Gading… Because we’ve come to depend on them, it made them feel that it’s alright that they do whatever they want to do.

Do you really think they’ll listen to the public, to the general consensus, to people like you and me all the time? Obviously not. We want to watch the movies we want to watch, but they’re not going to let us lest we be indoctrinated with false, corrupt messages. We want to read the books we want to read, but they’re not going to let us now, will they? No, they are a bunch of wussy cats who think they’re protecting the peace and stability of the people by rooting out and burn books that are contained what they deemed as “false” and “twisted” knowledge that will cause us to stray.

“What can we do? Humans are always like that, one. No hope alreadi!” I hear you all cry out exasperation and with a tone of defeat in your voices. 

I’m quite inclined to think that way too but I hate being pessimistic cause it’ll always affect my moods and caused me to withdrew into my own private little world called depression and hopelessness. There’s certainly nothing cheerful about reading the news nowadays.

How long more can we tolerate this? I am quite sure many have stopped reading the papers because of all the negativity in the media every day. Not a day goes by without some of us thinking about what our future be like. To what levels of deterioration will our country be if we continue to have leaders who insult one another with animal names in the Parliament, who can’t even hold a decent conversation without spewing forth lies, insults and profanities?

Guess most that we could do, especially if you’re a believer of Christianity, is to look forward to the Second Coming. And judging by world events, it can happen any time soon. Hopefully, I won’t live to see it ’cause if what the Bible says is true, the condition of the world would be 100 times worse than it already is now.

Already we had one guy SMS’ing to The Star his idea of inserting the MyKad microchip into our heads so that it won’t get lost easily. I must say, reading that short suggestion caused me more chills down my spine than watching Frankie Muniz‘s new movie Stay Alive.

The only thing we could do now – while we wait for the inevitable – is to raise our kids well and teach them everything about righteousness, nobility, honesty and goodness. It’s our responsibility as mature, rational and logical adults that we impart righteous knowledge and replace our corrupt government with hopefully incorruptible people in the future. We can do it now even, with all our kids in school today. They should learn that nothing good comes from doing bad things. That should be reinforced again and again from Year 1 to college. That’s like 12 to 15 years worth of indoctrination, much, much better than sending the kids off to National Service for three months!

Alas, will anybody listen though? As logical or sensible my opinions may be, I’m but a minuscule speck of dirt and unless i have vast influence and connections to push my way to the top, no one’s gonna bother listening to a 24-year-old writer like me. It’s all about power, influence and connections and I ain’t got any.

I won’t let that deter me though. Anything goes as long as I could somehow play a part in helping to improve the condition of the world, to make this place a better, brighter, safer place to live in. It is, afterall, for the sake of our children and our children’s children.


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