It’s been a loooong week

A lot on my plate lately. So, haven’t been updating my blog as much as I want to. Besides, I seemed to be suffering from writers’ fatigue, where I just feel so worn out from writing that it’s just too hard for me to think of anything to write. It’s funny cause I’m writing now…but it took me quite a while to muster all my willpower to come online and post this. Never felt so mentally drained of creative juices before…and it’s bad when you’re a writer by profession.

Anyways, I’m a bit swamped with work from work and work from school but if you know me long enough, I would never ever let work get in the way of my having fun in life. I just don’t function that way. I’m never a workaholic by nature and I doubt I’ll ever be. Even though mom has been wanting me to juggle between jobs in order to bring in more pay, I still think it’s insane to work and work and work and never get anything out of life. It’s just not my style.

And it’s not that I am  lazy. I have my priorities in life and they’re ME, FAMILY, FUN & WORK, in that order. Getting rich is everybody’s goals and everybody’s dream and it’s mine too, but really, if I’m not meant to be rich, no matter how I try, I still won’t be rich. That’s just the way it is, though I do expect myself to get by by concentrating on improving my writing and oratory skills (more on this next time).

But I disgress.

Wasn’t planning on being long-winded in this post so I’ll cut to the chase. I’m still alive. I’m busy as usual. And because I’m busy, I tend to become lax and lazy about blogging. So if you’re wondering what happened to good ol’ Philipp The Eternal Wanderer, be rest assured that I’m all well and fine. Like I mentioned in the beginning of the post, I’m just mentally and physically exhausted this week. Thankfully, the World Cup is over so sleep deprivation is no longer a problem.

This week’s just been another tiring and strenous one for me (I’ve said this too many times too…) and hopefully, it’ll ease up a bit when my eldest sister comes to visit in about one and a half weeks. Haven’t seen her for three years. A lot of catching up to do, and one of the most important thing for her to do is going up to visit our Dad’s resting place to pay her last respects since she couldn’t make it back for the funeral.

Anyways, till another day. I’ve been out the whole day and it’s time to hit the sack for me. Watched two movies at GSC Mid Valley then rushed back to UNITAR for class and went to Giant Food Court for a group discussion with my coursemates before getting one of my mates to drop me off at home. Just got back like an hour ago.

So, ciao and good night!


  1. 1 Sammy Sullivan

    check mine out……

    keep up the good work man…….

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