Driving in KL Roads… how I hate driving!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I… Hate… Driving…On…KL…Roads…!!!

Why? If you’re a Malaysian, you should’ve known by now what a nightmarish experience driving in Kuala Lumpur’s roads an be. The insanical souls behind the contraptions on wheels of various sizes. The meteor crash-like craters on some of the roads that resemble the surface of the moon. The utterly confusing and puzzling road signs that serves more to deceive than to guide. The mad, mad rush hours that seems to lead to traffic jams. And lastly, the winding roads with so many twists and turns that you’re considered a pro if you never get lost driving in KL.

Plus, the fact that I have nerves like jelly when driving in KL, and despite me always being very extra cautious… it didn’t prevent me from getting into my second major car accident at approximately 9.00am yesterday at the LDP in front of Kelana Jaya LRT station.

Don’t panic, everyone – I’m safe and sound. My car is a bit the kemek in front after I rear-ended the car in front of me. I won’t get into too much details as I’m already tired of explaining what happened to my various friends and relatives who kept asking what happened. All I can say it was mostly my fault for driving in a drowsy state brought about by the lack of sleep after watching the France vs Portugal game. I wasn’t even driving fast anyways – 30 to 40km/ph is reasonable enough when driving on a traffic jammed road. I blame my slow reaction in stepping on the brakes.

This accident has done enough to ruin most of my confidence in driving on KL roads. I just don’t get it. How I could have made such a dumb mistake as in not stepping on the brakes in time?? If it wasn’t so jammed, I might not have gotten into an accident. It’s obvious that the roads in KL just couldn’t handle the volume of vehicles on the roads.

What to do? A car is so much more convenient for most people instead of relying on the unreliable buses and pocket/wallet-burning taxi drivers. And I must say, driving in an air-conditioned vhicle sure beats walking under a hot sun any day. So unless things can be done to improve our roads and public transportation, people are going to continue choking the roads with cars and more cars which will result in more traffic woes for the country.

Besides the infrastructure, I say the attitude of drivers should change as well – can’t we be a little more courteous to each other on the road instead of acting like inconsiderate, hellish demons? What’s up with all of you rushing from one place to another at such a frenetic pace? Slow down a little or get out of the house early so that you’ll spare other drivers much headache and anxiety on the roads.

That said and done, I’m car-less for the next two or so weeks. It’s enough to make my mom go boiling mad at me for wrecking the car and banning me from driving for a year…*sigh!* It’s been nothing but one bad luck after another for me this year!


  1. Oh dear! Glad to see you’re alright! Be careful on the roads next time, k!

  2. Oy vay! You think K.L. is bad? Try Penang where we have more cars than people and our roads are small. A lot of KL people are darn scared of us Penang madhats.

    Good luck surviving this ordeal, buddy.

  3. Enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.

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