An epic battle in the Dungeon of Dustyhawk…


I died in the Dungeon of Dustyhawk

I was killed in a flooded pit by Sringangel the mind flayer, whilst carrying…

the Shield of Dvds, a Figurine of Elderg, the Crown of Pennypupz, the Axe of Gregory House, the Sceptre of Kazaa, the Wand of Xenogears, the Sword of Xenogears, the Axe of J-rock, the Crown of Toforgive, the Shield of Evo7gal, a Figurine of Brenners, the Axe of Kitmun and 114 gold pieces.

Score: 194

Explore the Dungeon of Dustyhawk and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon…


  1. The creator was obviously an anime otaku. Interesting game. By the way, random warning. If you ever hear of a deal for merchandise going for RM3888 with lucky draw returns of RM4K or more, run, RUN FAR AWAY FOR IT IS A CON!!!!

  2. I’ve never believed those sort of stuff. I can smell out a con from hundreds of miles away. Rest assured if anyone approached me with this offer, I will make sure he/she is put in his/her place!

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