I was about to complain about England’s drab match against Ecuador…

until captain David Beckham lifted the Lions with a terrific trademark free kick that left the Ecuador keeper no chance.

And that's all they have to show for it in this Round of 16 match.  

Seriously, it was terrible enduring the last 60 minutes of the game before Becks' goal came through and the last 35 minutes of the match after Becks' goal. I kept wondering to myself why did I even bother catching England's matches when it's obvious they are not entertaining the fans…people like me who loved the English players and have always rooted for them regardless of the highs and lows. But really, with the way they're playing, they're just going to wear our patience thin.

Shebby Singh was spot on… "…poorest football performance in this World Cup". "England lacked passion, lack drive and lack ambition." Ecuador are totally out of it…players seemed too amazed to have made it this far and they're satisfied with surpassing their expectations rather than to have the audacity of striving to beat England. Again, the lack of ambition, class and passion.

But the problem lies not in Ecuador but England. And do you know who I blame for this?

The lame duck Swede Sven Goran-Eriksson… The tons of clueless tactics, puzzling formations and utterly poor, poor decisions (selecting Theo Walcott over the likes of Andy Johnson, Jermaine Defoe, Marcus Bent, Darren Bent and James Beattie is utterly baffling! Players like Michael Carrick, Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves shouldn't have made the team, especially Owen since he was not fit to play at all! But credit goes to him for insisting on taking Wayne Rooney. England would be like a blunt knife without him. And I guess Peter Crouch is useful too. But so far, I'm disappointed that players like Frank Lampard, John Terry – even if he did win Man-of-the-Match for the Ecuador game, Rio Ferdinand and Jamie Carragher have so been proven to be ineffectual at the worl stage despite having a successful season with their clubs).

Oh, not forgetting the 'steamy sessions' with FA secretaries too…

Besides orchestrating the famous 5-1 win over Germany which seemed so long ago, Eriksson has really done nought for the England team.

And to think that Real Madrid and Chelsea used to want him as coach. Thank goodness the Blues had some sense to hire Jose Mourinho.

I am certainly not going to put my money on them making through the quarter-finals…where they'll meet either Portugal or Holland, both teams brimming with talent and has had brilliant performances during this World Cup. I'm definitely putting my money on Holland beating England 2-0.

But hey, miracles do happen. Regardless whether Eriksson's alame duck coach or not, I'm sticking to England…after all, the Swede's leaving after this anyways. Thank heavens the FA had finally came to their senses! Hopefully, and I am really praying hard for this, that Steve McLaren does a much, much better job than his predecessors and also that he doesn't face the same problems that other previous English England coaches had. McLaren's good in my books as long as he plays attacking football with flair while shoring up the defence and ensuring no gypsy ladies/prophetess meddles in the England camp.

With all that said… COME ON ENGLAND, DAMN IT! LAMPARD and TERRY… PERFORM!!! Sheeeesssshhhh… 


  1. You must have been really stressed to have made so many spelling mistakes, onii-chan.

  2. Huh? I’m not sure what you meant, Naoko-chan. Can point out to me. I didn’t see any wor…

  3. Heh… I saw what you meant. Corrections made. 🙂

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